Her World, a horror novel is now available on Steam

Her World, a horror novel is now available on Steam


talesshop has updated the release of Horror Adventure Her World with test support in English after the Korean release of the game for pc via Steam earlier this month.

Her World

Her World is presented as a casual game that focuses on a story where players explore a twisted romance that takes place in a dark reality. In this world, our protagonist, Sangjoon, he meets a girl who shows him the secrets of this world, but she may not be exactly what they want. sangjoon recently escaped from an emotionally abusive relationship and this strange girl seems to have some answers. As she explores the world, she learns of two girls who also call this place home and must unravel the mysteries of the ruined world, all while trying to survive the creatures that lurk there.

Her World hard between 12 and 16 hours, depending on how fast you read it, with the option of side stories for each of the characters. The game is fully voiced by professional Korean voice actresses, with a protagonist who has her own personality. There are 24 GC to unlock and adventure items that could lead to a bad ending. Although the theme of the game is sexual, There is not CG for adults available.

Her World

About Her World

1) Stay true to the essence of the story game.

A new work by the author of [Perro que pasa] of [La sirenita en la esquina] Y [El zorro que te espera]. It is a completely recreated scenario based on the reason for [Unmanned World] released in 2013. It has strong story development and high volume. In addition, it ensures the integrity of the story that completely ends with a main game.

2) A mission to experience the worldview of the game

We provide quests that allow you to experience the world represented in the game. Feel the atmosphere of a strange world where scary beings are hiding here and there. There are a total of 17 missions.

3) Additional fun

You can enjoy extra fun with the [Fragmento de memoria] which you can receive by completing the main story and quests. Collect skins of heroine characters that can be used in side stories and missions with small stories.


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