Hispanic ex-policeman from Washington killed his ex-wife, his new girlfriend and kidnapped his son – La Opinión

Hispanic ex-policeman from Washington killed his ex-wife, his new girlfriend and kidnapped his son – La Opinión

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Washington state authorities are searching for a former police officer of Hispanic origin who is accused of shooting to death his ex-wife and his new underage girlfriend. In addition, it is believed that he kidnapped his one-year-old son and could flee with him to Mexico.

The state highway police issued an “amber alert,” which is used in cases of kidnapping of minors, identifying the wanted person as Elías Huizar, 39, and his son as Roman Huizarand ask motorists who see the former agent’s vehicle, a silver Toyota Corolla, to call the emergency number.

The events took place in the city of West Richland, in the state of Washington, outside the William Wiley Elementary School, where Huizar’s ex-wife, Amber Rodríguez, worked, according to local media Tri-City Herald.

Rodríguez, who died at the scene of the shooting, had just days before filed a change in the custody agreements for his children, ages 5 and 9, according to court documents obtained by local media.

Huizar divorced Rodríguez in 2020. The woman had requested a protection order out of fear for her safety and that of her children. She had claimed that the former police officer had been harassing her since her divorce. She also reported that she was armed. She had a hearing set for May 14.

It was not immediately clear where the children were after their mother was killed.

In search of Huizar, Police searched his home in West Richland where they found his underage girlfriend dead.according to Apple Valley News Now.

It is unknown if the second victim was the mother of his now missing one-year-old son.said the media. According to reports, the young girl was only 15 years old when she became pregnant.

The former Yakima city police officer was arrested in February but was released on bail. He was arrested after his underage girlfriend reported him to police for allegedly raping his 16-year-old friend who was staying the night.

He was charged with second-degree rape, providing alcohol to minors and third-degree rape for his relationship with the teenager. His bail was set at $200,000. He has since been released on the condition that he not contact any of the underage girls or consume alcohol.

Huizar served with the police department from 2014 to 2022. During his tenure, he was assigned to serve as a police officer at Washington High School in Yakima.

He is armed and considered dangerous, according to a police statement, which warns that he may commit more crimes as he flees.

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