Hitmen execute 4 people at a party; first massacre of 2022 in Mexico

Shooting in full celebration leaves red balance in Coacalco.

Shooting in full celebration leaves red balance in Coacalco.

Photo: @GHOSTDEVIIL / Courtesy

Hitmen They executed four people in the State of Mexico, in the center of the country. This is the first slaughter of 2022 in that Mexican entity. The first police reports indicated that two women were among the victims. In the place there were 17 shell casings of caliber 9 and 22 millimeters.

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The bodies were found in a building where hours before a party had been held, near the Municipal Palace of Coacalco. Witnesses testified that at least 10 shots were heard after hours of music.

A photograph of the massacre is already circulating on social networks, in which the bodies of the victims, a parked car, bottles of alcohol and the sound equipment used during the party can be seen.

The state police arrived in the area minutes later and called paramedics to attend to several people injured by gunshot wounds. The place was cordoned off by elements of the National Guard.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) it is already working on the identification of the victims. So far there are no suspects detained. The mayor and local government have been silent on this case.

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