Homemade fertilizer to make the grass green in spring

Homemade fertilizer to make the grass green in spring

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If you have grass or grass in your garden and it looks dry and yellow, take advantage of the fact that the spring to revive it. As? With the help of a homemade fertilizer which will make the grass turn green in a few days and look healthy and beautiful. Use this gardening trick that experts use to keep green areas looking spectacular. Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy the materials and ingredients to prepare it, you have everything in your kitchen.

He garden It is the space in the house where you can let your imagination fly and decorate it in the way you like best, so you can put fountains, plants, trees and everything you can think of. He grass It is a very important element if what you want is for your garden to look like a paradise, a green, relaxing space, where you can go to have a good time, sunbathe or have a meal with family and friends.

In several homes they have grass or grass, but it is a fact that this element of the garden It is not easy to care for, especially if you don’t want it to turn yellow, since that happens easily if you do not give it the necessary and precise care. It is very important that you know that grass requires abundant watering and must be protected from certain external agents that affect it, such as sun and heat.

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Also, it is important not to always step on it, because the grass gets hurt and turns yellow. In case you have in your garden grass and you want it to turn green, take advantage of the fact that in the spring is reborn and recovers its colors with the help of nature and a homemade fertilizer organic, for which you only need one kitchen ingredient with which you must water it, once a week so that it becomes beautiful.

Organic homemade fertilizer to make the grass green in spring

The ingredients you need to prepare this homemade fertilizer so that the grass is green and beautiful in spring are:

  • 3 liters of natural milk.
  • 6 liters of water
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Procedure and method of use: in a large enough container, place the milk and water and mix them until they are perfectly integrated; When you have done this, you pass is ready to use, now all you have to do is water your grass with the liquid, making sure it is perfectly moist (if you need to prepare more of this home remedy, do so). Within a few days you will quickly notice results, as the grass will grow green and healthy. We suggest using this gardening tip once a week in spring.

Milk is a cooking ingredient that has multiple benefits for plants and the environment. garden; In this case, it helps maintain the green grass thanks to the fact that it contains calcium and potassium, nutrients that are vital for it to maintain this color during the springwhich is a time of great heat and sun, conditions that could easily dry you out. With this homemade fertilizer You won’t have to worry about this happening to your lawn, on the contrary, it will look beautiful!

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Tips to prevent the grass from drying out

  • Water abundantly and less frequently; Also, water your grass early in the morning to minimize evaporation and allow the water to be fully absorbed before the heat hits. Avoid watering at night, since wet grass favors the development of fungal diseases.
  • Make sure to control weed growth:
  • Cut the grass to the recommended height, leaving it a little long to protect from the heat.
  • Apply homemade fertilizer regularly.
  • Avoid constantly stepping on green grass, especially during dry periods.
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