Horacio Blanco: I come strengthened and inspired

Horacio Blanco: I come strengthened and inspired

Horacio Blanco is always immersed in creation and in everything magical that music encompasses. For this reason, he could not choose another day but November 22, 2022, the day of Santa Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, to present to some acquaintances the three songs from his first solo album that he will release in 2023 and that will be called “Fresh”. .

No, Horacio will not leave Public Disorder, but he opens up to other horizons. As his other “messy” companions have done, to get away from ska a bit and go deeper into alternative rock.

In this new adventure he is accompanied by Víctor Morles on keyboards, Raymond Mariño on electric bass and Lerrnys Hernández on drums; in addition to the engineering of the multi-Grammy-winning Venezuelan, Jean Sánchez. Also included are the voices of the singers of the B11 Ensemble, the advice of the urban music producer Víctor Soprano Fernández and the logistical support of the producer Ana Díaz.

The first three themes

There will be three songs that Horacio will launch on December 21st.

The first is “Conexión”, which shows a very mature facet of his musical work. He talks about breakups and it’s a very New Way-style song, very eighties.

The second single is “Greetings from Caracas (this city is very hot)”, which is nothing more than Horacio’s reconciliation with the city of Caracas, his hometown. «It is a poetic reconciliation, because I have always been very confrontational when writing about Caracas, but I love it too much. It’s like saying: you’re a crazy city but I’m not leaving here.

And the third song is “Sin Alma”, a very intense ballad that makes anyone shudder. In it, she addresses sex diversity with respect and poetry from the narration of a heartbreaking lesbian spite, as described by its creator.

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—Did you go solo?

—No, it’s my album as a soloist. I am playing this card of presenting to the public compositions and lyrics that are obviously different from Desorden Público, a band with which I have worked for so many years and that I continue to work with.

It is an experiment that has me very excited and how lucky I am! So far I have received very nice comments.

—How was the project born?

—In pandemic times, in that boredom of which we were all victims in our homes, the idea came to me: “what if I compose songs that are not for Desorden but for another project?”. So I composed a few songs. I didn’t lack time and now that life has fortunately begun to be normal, and I even think it’s better because we come here strengthened and inspired. So I called three other musicians who are really good instrumentalists. With them we created this repertoire.

—Why will the album be called «Fresh»?

—The first people who heard this repertoire told me: “it sounds fresh”. Others: “I love it. It’s pretty fresh.” And if people think it’s fresh, well, I said, “let’s call it ‘Fresh’”.

How many songs will the record have?

—I don’t know the exact number because we are in the creative process. I estimate that it will be an album with eight or 12 songs.

—You go from ska to fusion rock…

—For every electric guitarist, and I count myself on that list, being able to pick up the guitar and sound distorted is always a pleasure. Here I can develop a vocabulary as an instrumentalist and as a composer different from the one I do with the ensemble of Desorden Público. Here, in a foursome, there are more freedoms. The format has given us freedom to create. We are tripping

—When will the official launch be?

—The release for platforms will be on December 21, 2022 and the release of the album will be on June 21, 2023 because it is the summer solstice, when the festival of music is celebrated.

—What other projects do you have with Public Disorder?

—With Disorder we don’t stop playing here and there; inside and outside Venezuela. In fact, we are in a moment of great effervescence.

By Rocio Cazal.

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