How did Sofía Vergara transform to play Griselda Blanco?  This is what the process looks like

How did Sofía Vergara transform to play Griselda Blanco? This is what the process looks like

The Netflix series inspired by the life of Griselda Blanco has given a lot to talk about, not only because of the lawsuit filed by the children of the Colombian drug trafficker against the production, but also because of how he personified Sofia Vergara to the criminal.

Although the colombian actress managed to give life to one of his compatriots, famous in the Latin American country for their activities within a criminal organization between the 70s and 80s, their physical resemblance is little.

And if Sofía Vergara doesn’t look like Griselda Blanco, how did she manage to play the role?

How is Sofía Vergara impersonated to play Griselda Blanco?

The actress originally from Colombia has stated in various interviews that she had been trying to tell the story of “The Black Widow” for several years, as she was interested in delving into it after watching a documentary about the drug dealer.

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For some of the particularities that he gave to the character of Griselda Blanco, Sofia Vergara He confessed in the program Despierta América that he took as a reference his aunt Gloria, who also smoked too much and “gave orders” to everyone in the house.

She even said that she would like them to see a photo of her aunt and Griselda when they were young to compare the resemblance between the two women. “Griselda is ‘Yoya’, my aunt.”

As for the physicist, series director Eric Newman said that achieving the Physical changes With Vergara they were one of the most difficult things, since it took them several hours to put a fake nose, false teeth and other things on her to hide her resemblance.

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In fact, Sofía has assured that she had to remain motionless in front of the mirror so that she could see her physical features disappear, since she also had to adopt the look of someone from the 70s. In addition, the actress also had to change the way she moved.

In some videos shared by Netflix you can see the makeup process in just a few seconds, although the challenge lasted hours.

Her fans on social networks who have already started watching the series highlight the role that the actress has played by making a leap from her other characters to play a criminal.

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