How long should my passport be valid when applying for an American VISA?

How long should my passport be valid when applying for an American VISA?

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Before carrying out the process of your visa american You should take into account some important aspects, for example, do not purchase travel or flight reservations before ensuring that you will have the visa american that will allow you to legally access state Joinedin case your visa is not granted, you may be left with an unused paid travel package.

The same happens with the passportyou must ensure the validity of your document before making the request for visa americanbecause, if approved, your passport must meet some conditions to be useful, especially in relation to the validity of the document. Remember that without a passport you will not be able to obtain your visa, this is because the passport is your immigration accreditation as a Mexican citizen in the rest of the world.

With this accreditation you can prove your identity and obtain help from the Mexican government through the Mexican consulate in the country you visit. This gives you protection and security when traveling, which is why it is so important. Although there are countries that maintain treaties with Mexico in which it is established that only passport to travel, there are other countries like state Joined that require the presentation of a visa to be able to enter the country.

Your passport must have this validity period in order to process your American visa.

The length of validity that your passport must have at the time of processing your visa It will depend on the type of visa you want to process. Generally, it is requested that the document have a validity period of more than 6 months after the date on which your departure is scheduled. state JoinedFor example, if you are going to spend 3 months in state Joinedyour visa must have an expiration time of at least 9 months.

In case you need to renew your visathe process is much simpler than when you process the document for the first time, especially because generally you will no longer have to go through the long waiting list that exists to get an appointment to carry out the interview with the consular officer who will be in charge. whether to approve your visa or not. You just have to be careful to renew your visa when it is about to expire or when it has not expired for more than 12 months.

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