How much does a consultation with Dr. Nowzaradan from Kilos Mortales cost in 2024?

How much does a consultation with Dr. Nowzaradan from Kilos Mortales cost in 2024?



It is no secret to anyone that overweight It is one of the most important problems that particularly afflicts the nation of the USA, but in general, to the entire world and through TV, there is a particular program that seeks to raise awareness among thousands of people and that is nothing more and nothing less than ‘Mortal Kilos’, and below we will tell you how much a consultation with its protagonist costs, Dr. Nowzaradan and also projects to lose weight.

It is one of the realities most successful on English-language television that has also crossed the borders of said North American country and that without a doubt has been placed among the most viewed in different countries, because the popularity of its protagonist, Dr. Younan Nowzaradanhelps people with a extreme obesity that exceeds the 270 kilos, Well, your program makes you lose weight on your own by following a strict diet and then moving on to a surgery.

It is important to mention that this reality show is made up of different episodes of patients with morbid obesity that has come through the signal Discovery Channell, since these are consequences of having bad eating habits as a result of emotional, physical problems or even the regular food of many Americans.

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The success of this program has been so great that it has helped thousands of people throughout 12 years of transmission, because the program has monopolized great audience levelsso different people throughout the continent and even different parts of the world have begun to wonder how much it costs to participate in this project and is attended by its protagonist Dr. Nowzaradan.

How much does it cost to enter the Kilos Mortales program?

It is important to mention that this project which was launched into the whole world by the son of the same Dr. Nowzaradan, consists of a weight loss program to undergo some bariatric operation for lose weight, because the interested patients exceed the 600 pounds (272.2 kilograms)but in order to be considered at the interventionbut this is only possible with a prior commitment to a strict diet.

And over the course of six months, patients come to their office in Houston, Texas from different states of the country, this to see the process and be considered, but believe it or not, each of these consultations has a price, and according to different specialized media, all the treatment from the Iranian-born doctor is quite excessiveWell, it’s not just about showing up with him, it’s about follow-up, different hospitalizations, nutritionists, and even surgery for those who become candidates.

In accordance with all of the above, in accordance with Consumer Health Ratings, The average cost of a hospital stay in which you are treated by the same Dr. Nowzaradan is approximately 13 thousand 300 dollars, that is, more than 271 thousand pesos, and this is only the beginning, since there are many other specialties such as mental health, plastic surgeons, and more treatments that are needed, which is why there are those who assure that the entire process would be around almost Half a million dollars.


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