How much is the monthly rent for Bad Bunny’s LUXURIOUS penthouse in Manhattan, New York?

How much is the monthly rent for Bad Bunny’s LUXURIOUS penthouse in Manhattan, New York?



The world of show It always surprises us with its eccentricities and luxuries, and this time is no exception. The Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunnyknown for his musical hits and his unique style, has decided to establish his nest in one of the most coveted places in the Big Apple: a penthouse in Manhattan that redefines the concept of luxury. But how much does it really cost to live as a star of the Bad Rabbit’s caliber?

He penthouse that Bad Bunny you have chosen is not just any residence; It is a haven of opulence in the heart of West Chelsea. With a monthly income that amounts to about 156,235 dollarsthis apartment not only offers living space, but a high-end living experience. Imagine waking up each morning to panoramic views of the city that never sleeps, surrounded by all the amenities one could want. Would you like to rent it? All the information is on their official website: The Penthouse at Jardim

This duplex of 426 square meters Not only does it boast four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, it also boasts four stunning terraces, one of which houses its own private pool. The outdoor kitchen overlooking the river hudsona bookcase, living room, several dressing rooms, a solarium and a huge dining room, are just some of the features that make this penthouse a true palace in the heights.

Bad Bunny rents a luxury penthouse in Manhattan, New York

Privacy is a luxury that Bad Bunny values ​​greatly, and their new Manhattan home is designed to offer just that. With a private entrance and an elevator that opens directly into his living room, the singer can enjoy his personal sanctuary without interruption. Oak floors, wood paneling, and marble-walled bathrooms are details that speak to the exquisite taste and attention to detail that characterize this space.


Bad Bunny’s fortune, estimated at more than 50 million dollarsallows you the luxury of choosing residences that are the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. His penthouse In New York is just one of the properties in his impressive portfolio, which includes a mansion in Hollywood Hills and another in The Angels which belonged to Ariana Grande. These acquisitions are a clear example of her success and her ability to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

In short, live like Bad Bunny It has its price, and that price is the reflection of a lifestyle that many dream of but few can achieve. He penthouse of Manhattan It is more than a home; It is a symbol of success, an oasis of luxury in the most vibrant city in the world, and a reminder that for those who reach for the stars, The sky is the limit.

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