How possible it is to repair bent car wheels

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The rims are a metal piece whose shape varies in relation to the type and size of the vehicle whose function is to support the tire so that it retains its shape when rolling.

Rims can be found in vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, among others. The rim is a very important element and its good condition guarantees a safe and comfortable trip.

However, the wheels are always exposed to terrain in poor condition, with potholes, drains and other elements that if you hit them they can end up bending them.

What if I have a bent rim?

When the rim is bumped, twisted or bent, vibrations occur in the steering, which may be very slight and not noticeable, but they exist and cause long-term damage to the terminals and ball joints. Already if the impact on the flange is very strong, surely the tire will no longer seal and it is impossible to inflate it.

Can a bent rim be repaired?

Steel wheels and alloy wheels have advantages and disadvantages. More precisely, the steel ones are softer, bend more easily, are not as visually appealing, and are rusty. But in turn, steel wheels are much cheaper than alloy wheels, often heavier and cheaper to repair.

Alloy wheels are harder, flex more, are more attractive, and are lighter than steel wheels, never rust, and come in many different models and sizes. But they are more expensive and their repair in case of breakage or bending is more expensive.

When a steel rim is bent, its repair becomes quite primitive. In less well-equipped tire repair shops, this is done with a hammer or by tapping. The metal returns to its original shape without the risk of cracking. But it is best to repair it with a hydraulic press, which exerts a large progressive force, not a short blow.

In the case of alloy wheels, the repair must be done hot. That is, the area to be repaired must be well heated with an open flame or a special burner. The alloy thus becomes malleable and there is no risk of it cracking under the pressure of the straightener.

Is it good to repair a bent rim?

If you go to a tire repair shop and they tell you your wheels are bent, but you can鈥檛 see much with the naked eye, then think about whether it鈥檚 worth the investment. If your wheels are bent within normal limits, i.e. small bumps that don鈥檛 feel moving and the tires aren鈥檛 blowing air in their direction, straighten them out if you have the money.

If you have more severe cases or don鈥檛 like the way the square border looks, then replace them.


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