How rude!  Woman runs over thieves trying to steal her truck [video]

How rude! Woman runs over thieves trying to steal her truck [video]

More and more videos of brave people who oppose being dispossessed of their belongingsstories full of courage that, without a doubt, are applauded by users and such was the case with a woman who has gone viral on the internet for running over a couple of subjects who allegedly wanted to assault herwho were riding a motorcycle and who were lying on the floor after the act.

The events, which occurred in the Milagro canton, in Guayas, Ecuadorwere recorded by a surveillance camera, same in which it is shown as the alleged thieves, aboard a motorcycle, closely followed a truck white that was driven by the alleged victim.

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At such times, it is observed when the thugs tried to intercept her while the van stops moving and at the same time the crew of the motorcycle, so the pilot responded by throwing the truck at them and accelerating rapidly until they end up rolling them over and leaving them lying on the sidewalk, at the side of the road.

This way, the alleged assailants of the motorcycle were left under the truckhowever, the intervention of personnel from the Fire Department was necessary to extract the male offenders and the motorcycle, which were trapped under.

So far the state of health of the thieves is unknown, but the truth is that, after removing them from under the truck, agents found a .32 caliber revolverwith the serial number scratched off and five bullets in the magazine.

The images of what happened have gone viral on social networks, where users applauded the 鈥渉eroic鈥 attitude and the 鈥渃ourage鈥 of the driver from car to face it the alleged assailants, to safeguard their belongings, including their lives.

However, there were other Internet users who, contrary to agreeing with what the woman had done, took advantage of the occasion to discuss whether or not the woman should be punished for having run over them. Despite the fact that some media outlets claim that the event occurred in Ecuador, others have said that it is actually an incident that took place on March 11 in Osasco, Brazilalthough the true place where it happened has not yet been verified.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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