How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, hours before the 9th elimination – El Diario NY

How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, hours before the 9th elimination – El Diario NY

Today is Elimination Monday and The House of the Famous 4 You will see how today Lupillo Rivera enters the SUM room for the first time along with Cristina Porta, Alfredo Adame and Maripily Rivera. Sunday’s salvation was granted to La Bronca.

How are the votes going for La Casa de los Famosos 4, today, March 22?

How are the votes going? By last Friday, “El Huracán Boricua” was in the top three of the most voted, but the percentage difference in votes took it away by only 1.24% from the last place, which at that time fell to Cristina Porta.

This is the first time that Maripily is not in first place in the tables with votes in favor. Without a doubt, having stopped playing with the fourth land and having betrayed Lupillo Rivera with two votes left her terribly exposed.

Another very popular survey among the public is the one that is usually carried out within 24/7, which with a sample of almost 50,000 votes shows that the least voted is Maripily Rivera. Cristina and Adame are tied in votes, but are saved from elimination.

Guadalupe Rivera, on the other hand, remains the absolute leader in public preference and even though some feel that he failed to position himself in front of her in the ceremony prior to the dinner, he did speak with her, cameras present, in what the house calls “the last dinner of the nominees.”

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Context: nominations and the anger of Maripily Rivera

Now, there are various surveys where you can see how the public’s intention is to eliminate Maripily Rivera; After everything that has happened in the house, the fans who live the reality show 24/7 are shocked by how it has fallen into very strong contradictions and sometimes it seems that beyond what it says about their strengths and capabilities To eliminate anyone, the businesswoman and social media content creator might actually be terrified to enter SUM, no matter who she goes with.

Another survey that reflects this is the one conducted by El Diario de Nueva York, where more than 45% percent of voters affirm that the person who comes out tonight is “El Huracán Boricua.”

Who is leaving La Casa de los Famosos today, Monday, March 25: survey

The strategy of water and earth, names of two of the rooms in the house, consisted of nominating the strongest along with Cristina Porta, inhabitant of the fourth fire. Why? Very simple, as the weeks go by, as they move from nomination to nomination, they manage to get stronger compared to the rest of their peers. Furthermore, with the entry of new inhabitants, from experience it obtains greater support in future votes with them, which could mean that both water and land would be in danger from celebrities who have been competing in the reality show for less time, which they consider unfair. .

The room of “La Melaza” and Lupillo Riverathen, decided to unite their strengths and close together and by mutual agreement, for this reason now Aleska Génesis shares more with Lupe, Romeh, Ariadna, Clovis and La Divaza.

The most popular leaders of both rooms agreed to enter the SUM, trusting in their audience. Alfredo Adame is nominated. Lupillo Rivera is nominated. None of them were dismayed by this fact, because they trust not only in their audience but also in the strategy outlined. Cristina, logically, was not going to have the opportunity to compete in votes against them, much less against Maripily.

So, what happened, why was tremendous chaos generated in the house, unleashing Maripily’s screams against her room, those from the ground?

Yes, the only one who took this situation as a personal affront was Maripily Rivera. Without taking into account that La Bronca and Cristina Porta were also nominated alongside her. Said like this, What was or is Maripily’s fear, if according to her, with her audience and having all of Puerto Rico on her side, she can eliminate anyone from the competition? Of the entire house, the inhabitant who has repeated the most how strong she is is Maripily Rivera herself. So what is going on!

The only answer that many fans of the show have is that the Puerto Rican has terrible insecurities related to the game she has played in the house, because beyond any good thing she has done or is doing, it is also true that the fans have seen everything about her.

Everyone has seen the problems that have been generated because of her, everyone saw how Thalí García lived a true hell because of how she treated her and because of all the information that she spread inside the house against her. It has also been seen how in truth not only did she always speak badly of everything about her roommates, but she also nominated Lupillo when he never, never nominated her.

In short, entering the SUM is not good for you, probably because it is safer to stay inside the house than to go out and face everything he has done and said about those who have already been eliminated and those who are still in the competition.

Now, the question is: Will Maripily Rivera be eliminated today, yes or no? Answering this is complicated. The truth is that I personally don’t know, in La Casa de los Famosos 4 what they say about anything can happen is very true.

And yes, today, La Casa de los Famosos 4 will practically experience a scene that is worth a final. For the first time Lupillo Rivera will enter the SUM to face Maripily Rivera, Alfredo Adame and Cristina Porta, all of whom are the strongest personalities and leaders of the house. Don’t miss tonight’s gala on Telemundo at 7PM/6C.

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