How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, just hours before the 13th elimination – El Diario NY

How the votes for La Casa de los Famosos 4 are going today, just hours before the 13th elimination – El Diario NY

Hours away from experiencing the 13th elimination gala of La Casa de los Famosos 4the humor within the reality show is on the floor, after seeing how Aleska Génesis has started a smear campaign against Alana Lliteras, whom she came to call “friend” and “ally” in the fourth water.

The Venezuelan is not nominated, but Lliteras is. On the table next to the famous young chef are: Rodrigo Romeh, Clovis Nienow and Maripily Rivera. And thanks to the new and Machiavellian Genesis game, Alana could be in real danger in front of the public. And prior to this discussion, Alana started as a favorite. Within hours of the elimination we see that all the polls show Lliteras as the leader in public opinion to return to the house.

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But everything that Aleska did last night, after the positioning, has the public not divided but baffled. Cristina Porta, La Melaza and Geraldine Bazán are not only upset but clearly disappointed and worried, because all the fight that Aleska generated could now lead to a tragedy for agua.

Lupillo Rivera, for his part, remains smilingprobably because he knows that his people and his team will do everything possible to save the young Alana Lliteras, who has not stopped crying since yesterday, bewildered by the Venezuelan’s attitude. The game of La Melaza’s best friend has been characterized by being very noble. At first the public could not accept her in the competition, because the chef is very easy to talk to. The truth is that her studies and preparation allow her to hold any conversation and show not only knowledge, but understanding and understanding of terms that are not popular among today’s youth.

This made her stand out, but not in a positive way inside and outside the house. Of course, her loyalty has been unbreakable and the occasions in which she has expressed discontent with a resident, it has been the reaction to a specific fact either against her or against her people.

However, the worst betrayal for the youngest in the house comes from Aleska Génesis. Of course, this double play by Nicky Jam’s ex could also make her the next eliminated from the game. Many believe that with this attitude they have just signed their exit ticket.

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