How to Make Sure Your Car Air Conditioner Is Ready for Spring

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Spring is the season where the heat begins to be present and where we have the opportunity to start preparing our car for the high temperatures of summer.

This can be the best time to check the air conditioning system and make the necessary repairs so that in the summer that you really need it, it is working properly.

Taking care of air conditioning maintenance in the spring will allow you to avoid frustration, save money and take your time choosing which mechanic will do the job.

How to test the air conditioner?

The test is simple: just press the AC button and see what happens. Be aware of any unusual smells or noises, as these could be warning signs. Change the cold air dial to try different settings, make sure the system responds appropriately when you increase or decrease the flow of cold air.

Just like not having enough cold air is a problem, having a blast of cold air on your face with no option to turn it down is also uncomfortable.

Diagnose if the air gets cold?

There are many reasons why the air conditioner cannot cool properly, although always keep in mind that the hotter it is outside, the more it will cost to cool the car.

However, if you still do not notice the fresh air, insert a thermometer through one of the air vents and wait about 10 minutes, if after that time it shows the same temperature that you have selected, it may be that it lacks strength. This may be due to a compressor problem or the cabin filter being clogged with dirt.

Check and recharge the refrigerant gas of the air conditioning

The truth is that the refrigerant gas does not run out or wears outif you have to recharge your system with refrigerant gas, it is due to a leak or micro leak in the system, which is caused by the passage of time and use.

Also, the weather season influences this wear, that is why it is recommended to check the refrigerant gas every year before the summer to prevent your car from being an oven inside.

These may be some signs that your car鈥檚 air conditioning is about to run out:

鈥 The air conditioner does not cool enough.
鈥 Strange odor coming from the vents.
鈥 Does not fan cold air constantly.

Change the filter and clean the air conditioning system

Maintenance service is very important for the air conditioning system. It is also the best way to ensure that the system works properly every time you want to use it.

Part of the maintenance service is always to change the pollen filter whose position is indicated in the vehicle instruction manual. This is usually a long, narrow box that sits just below the windshield.

Before changing the filter for a new one, you must clean and disinfect the pathways through which the air passes. You can choose between indoor disinfectant foams and foggers. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.


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