How to replace my driver’s license in California

In California, young people over the age of 15 can access a learner's driver's license.

In California, young people over the age of 15 can access a learner鈥檚 driver鈥檚 license.

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In California, as in other states in the country, driving without a license is a crime that can lead to harsh penalties. For that reason, The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) encourages people who lose their license (due to damage, theft or loss) to start the application process for a replacement as soon as possible to avoid putting yourself at risk.

The process of applying for a replacement duplicate in the state is carried out at the local offices of this agency and can be very similar to the regular application or renewal of the license, but also easier and faster because it skips the written or driving tests that are common for new applicants.

How do I get a duplicate driver鈥檚 license in California?

If you have suddenly lost your license due to theft or simple loss, or if the document has suffered irreparable damage that makes it impossible to read the personal information it contains, then it will be necessary to follow the following steps:

1. Visit the official website for this type of procedure that the California DMV has made available to all drivers.
2. Log in or create an account in the system to be able to access your personal information and carry out procedures.
3. Once inside the profile, provide the information that the system requires and make the corresponding request.
4. Be ready to pay the processing fee by credit or debit card.

In person
1. Visit a local DMV office.
2. You must have completed the online form or the physical form that they give you at the office in order to carry out the application.
3. Provide the necessary documents for the process.
4. Pay the corresponding fee.

Although the process is usually much faster, the duplicate is likely to be sent to the applicant鈥檚 mailing address within a few weeks. Just like people who need to renew their driver鈥檚 license in the state, people applying for duplicates can also apply for a license with Real ID. However, for these types of cases, the DMV will require other requirements. For that reason, it will be necessary to consult before what is needed for this type of enhanced licenses.

What do I need to have on hand to be able to replace my license without problems?

In accordance with canmanejar.comanyone who needs to apply for a replacement or duplicate driver鈥檚 license in California must have the following information:

1. Driver鈥檚 license number.
2. Type/Class of driver鈥檚 license.
3. Driver鈥檚 full name.
4. Date of birth.
5. Address and postal code.
6. Social Security Number.
7. Proof of payment of the fee associated with the procedure.

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