How to use baking soda to REMOVE gray hair naturally

How to use baking soda to REMOVE gray hair naturally

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Don’t use dye anymore disguise the white hairbecause you only damage your hair; better use the sodium bicarbonate for eliminate them of natural form. We have the best for you home remedies for cover gray hair with this famous household ingredient. Learn to use the baking soda to tone and darken the white hairs in your hair. No one will notice them, I guarantee it!

The white hair They are hair that has lost its natural pigment, which gives it a white or gray appearance; This occurs when the cells in the hair follicles that produce pigment, known as melanocytes, stop working properly or die. The decrease in the production of melanin (the pigment that gives hair color) is a natural process that occurs with age.

Why do they come out white hair? There are many factors that cause its appearance, but it is mainly due to genetics, aging, stress, bad habits such as smoking and nutritional deficiencies; When the body lacks vitamins B12 and D, and minerals such as iron and zinc, gray hair appears and can be a few or completely fill the hair. Fortunately, dye is not the only way to hide themthere are also home remedies that work for eliminate them.


He sodium bicarbonate It is a versatile product that has been used for a long time in the home for its properties and nutrients. It is one of the few ingredients that exist that can be used for many things, including beauty and hair care. So that you can have beautiful hair, without white hairbaking soda works wonders, because its ingredients tone the hair and make it darken naturally, making it look incredible.

Home remedy with baking soda to REMOVE gray hair without dye

He sodium bicarbonate is he Home remedy most economical that exists for disguise and eliminate the white hair no dye, since there are several testimonies from people who claim that once they used it, the uncomfortable white hairs on their hair disappeared and did not return. Fortunately, there are many ways to use this ingredient, here we share 2 of the most effective tricks to make your hair young again:

  • Make a shampoo sodium bicarbonatejust add half a tablespoon of this ingredient to your bottle and then shake; Wash your hair with the shampoo, massage and rinse after 3 minutes with plenty of water. From the first application you will notice a change. Your white hair They will be less visible and little by little you will eliminate them.
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  • Prepare a mask baking soda combining a tablespoon of this ingredient with a little water, until you form a thick paste; When it has this consistency, apply it to the gray hair and let it act for 10 minutes; Then, rinse well and dry by rubbing your hair gently. For cover and eliminate gray hair with this home remedy, we recommend using it once a week.

Remember that before using any ingredient on your skin, it is important that you do an allergy test; with these home remedies You will have young hair without traces of aging. It covers, hidden and eliminate the white hair with the help of sodium bicarbonatethe best Home remedy to always have radiant and beautiful hair without dye. You will love this beauty trick!

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