How to use rice to make your cactus bloom

How to use rice to make your cactus bloom

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One of the floors The most common and favorites of gardening lovers are the Cactuswhich not only stand out for their thorns, but also because there is a great variety of species that are distinguished by their shapes and even their flowers, in addition to being characterized by the fact that they do not require much care like other plants or flowers where They need more special things.

Let us remember that cacti usually adapt to hot climates and thanks to this they have a great capacity to retain water and humidity more, which is why many prefer them to decorate their homes both indoors and outdoors.

Likewise, they stand out for giving flowers, which usually give more life and color to where we put them, which usually appear from time to time, so if you are looking for your cactus flourish As never before, it is necessary to give it a good homemade fertilizer and what better than to be organic.


For cacti it is necessary to offer them nutrients indicated for it to grow healthily and we can offer this through the soil with two ingredients that are basic in the kitchen, in addition to the fact that they must be exposed to the sun more than other species.

So for this homemade fertilizer we will use the ricewhich we usually consume to accompany our dishes, but we can also take advantage of the plants and give them nutrients such as potassium, sodium, proteins, fiber, calcium, vitamin A, B1 and B12, among others.

Another of the ingredients that we will use is usually widely used for homemade fertilizers thanks to the fact that it is an organic compound, it is bananaof which we will only use its shell, which is more than enough with the nutrients it offers us such as potassium, magnesium, folic acid, fiber, among others.


Homemade fertilizer with rice for cacti


Step by Step

  1. Boil water with rice and let it sit so that the starch floats
  2. In another container, boil water with three banana peels for 5 minutes and then let it sit overnight.
  3. After time has passed, mix both waters
  4. Now you can use it to water it every 15 days, placing only four tablespoons of this mixture in the soil.


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