“I change the Rolex for a wall clock”: Does the Mexican actor follow in Piqué’s footsteps?

“I change the Rolex for a wall clock”: Does the Mexican actor follow in Piqué’s footsteps?

Jorge Salinas applies Piqué's, they capture him with his nutritionist (Instagram)

Jorge Salinas applies Piqué’s, they capture him with his nutritionist | instagram

A new scandal circulates in the show around a Mexican actor, who would apply Piqué to Shakira to his wife, elizabeth alvarezThis is how Jorge Salinas was captured in tremendous kisses with his nutritionist.

In the midst of the well-known subject of the Colombian where she showed the player’s love betrayal, now a new controversy is circulating in the Mexican show with a famous person who has appeared in various Televisa projects.

Jorge Salinas is in the eye of the hurricane after being seen in full act of infidelity towards his also famous spouse after the actor of the recent project “Forgive Our Sins“He will take advantage of the moment to see himself and escape with his nutritionist.

According to close sources, Jorge Salinas Pérez, 54, and his family doctor met in November 2021 and to date they continue to see each other. Up to now it is unknown if his partner, with whom he has two children, Elizabeth Álvarez knows or suspects of this relationship.

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Meanwhile, the reactions on social networks did not take long to appear and criticize the novel actor as “Three women“”, “My destiny is you”, and tapes like “The other family”, among others who were accused of “blatant” in the first place, “for not taking responsibility for their daughters”, commented users.

“Those women who allow it have no dignity, which is useless, because the one who does it once does it again,” they add in the messages.


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