“I don’t give a damn what some write”: they criticize Omar Bravo for remembering Tomás Boy

Atlas was the second team where Omar Bravo scored more goals (14).

Atlas was the second team where Omar Bravo scored more goals (14).

Photo: Ismael Ramírez / Imago7

The death of Tomás Boy maintains sadness in Mexican soccer. The respected strategist left very good impressions in each of the clubs in which he managed, This can be seen with the multiple messages of affection towards “El Jefe”. However, the historic scorer of Chivas de Guadalajara, Omar Bravo exploded against the fans after they criticized him for remembering his former coach.

Even in moments of mourning there are those who they can’t separate sports colors. This was demonstrated after they questioned Omar Bravo for remembering Tomás through social networks.

“Damn. Two days and you are missed. By the way, I don’t give a damn what some people write. It is net? In these circumstances there are no colors. Thanks”, expressed the former scorer through his social networks.

Both coincided in the 2013 Atlas. Tomás Boy was the strategist of that team that had Omar Bravo in the lead. That year was the first contact between these characters. That’s where the memory of the former player with “El Jefe” comes from. uniformed with red and black colors.

Tigres de la UANL plans to honor

Tomás Boy left a big mark with Tigres. His passage through the feline group will not be in vain. The team led by Miguel Herrera intends pay homage to the great “Boss”. This was announced by Mauricio Doehner, president of the Cemex-Synergy sports liaison committee.

“We will honor his legacy, right now we are defining the form, but rest assured that we will honor his legacy”, stated the manager.

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