“I don’t want to die”: Verónica Toussaint’s emotional confession before relapsing

“I don’t want to die”: Verónica Toussaint’s emotional confession before relapsing


The death of Veronica Toussaint continues to cause a lot of sadness and pain, after it was announced that on May 16 she lost her life at the age of 48 as a result of breast cancer that was detected in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and against which she fought. several years and on three occasions, although finally, she could not continue or win this last time because she no longer wanted to continue the treatment.

It should be noted that the beloved driver suffered from the type of triple negative cancermeaning that the only way to undergo treatment was through radiation and chemotherapy, meaning that it was something more aggressive for his body, which he no longer wanted to take on this occasion.

And the last few months were quite complicated in his state of health, because he was facing this disease for the third time, but he knew that his body would no longer be able to withstand the chemotherapies after having undergone 200, so he spent his last days in the hospital.

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The strong confession of Verónica Toussaint

Through the television program “Sale el Sol”, an interview was released in which the actress gave a emotional confession about the cancer he had and all the desire he had to live and win the battle, because he assured that “he didn’t want to die” and that was one of his greatest wishes.

The presenter was always very open when talking about her illness and did not hesitate to talk about it in front of the cameras, so on that occasion she did it for the Paola Rojas podcastwho was one of her closest friends, where she did not lose her characteristic sense of humor.

The journalist shared this special moment with her friend in order to honor her memory in this emotional interview, where Verónica opened up and made a series of confessions about the hard blows she received with this diseasebut at the same time, the strength he had to draw to move forward.

And in this shared fragment, the star said a phrase that is causing a lot of shock now that he passed away, because at that time he said “I don’t want to die” and contrary to that, he added the phrase “I want to live” and sought to enjoy as much as he did in recent months with his loved ones.

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