I need help: woman is surprised by a crocodile that appeared at her door (video)

I need help: woman is surprised by a crocodile that appeared at her door (video)

A woman from Tabasco was shocked after opening the door of her house when she found herself face to face with a alligator who was trying to get in.

The shocking moment was recorded by a facebook live streamwhere the user Monse Green shared with her contacts the peculiar visit she received at her home.

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The events were recorded in the municipality of Nacajuca, during the morning of December 24, 2022.

Through a clip lasting just over a minute, the young woman specified that before the strong rains that have been registered with the entity in recent days, due to the Cold Front 19, he had prepared to open the door of his house to see how flooded the area was.

“I need someone to help me or tell me where to dial. It turns out that it is raining a lot, and I don’t know, I just opened the door a little to see how the water was advancing and suddenly a lizard got in and there it is, it doesn’t move”.

The young woman was surprised and changed the camera on her cell phone to show her followers what she saw and focused on the animal, who was standing with its mouth open at the entrance to her house, but without moving.

“I don’t know whether to push him out with a broom or what. And if I throw the broom at him and he bites me and eats me too? Oh my God, what do I do?

A few hours after the transmission was made, the woman issued a comment stating that personnel from Civil protection had come to rescue and protect the animal.

Published in The Herald of Tabasco

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