“I really want to annoy you”: the phrase of President Emmanuel Macron against those who have not yet been vaccinated in France

The attack by French President Emmanuel Macron this Tuesday against people in France who have not been vaccinated against covid-19 surprised the country.

Especially because of the forcefulness and the language used by the president, who blames the anti-vaccines for making it difficult for everyone to get out of the crisis.

To theyou not vaccinated, I really want to tease them. And so we will continue to do so, until the end“, Said in an interview offered to the French newspaper Le Parisien and published this Tuesday.

The controversial French verb used by the head of state, emmerder, is very colloquial and, depending on the context, can also be translated by piss off, make life miserable or fuck.

Given this, his political opponents said that the strong language he used in the interview was not worthy of a president.

Although there were also those who defended Macron, starting with Deputy Christophe Castaner, who assured that the French need “this clarity.” “Use a word that many French think”, He said.

Also understanding was its former prime minister, Édouard Philippe, one of the most popular faces in the country’s politics both in the center and on the right.

“The president sometimes explains himself in a familiar way. I think everyone has understood what he meant. He will tell if he regrets it, ”said Philippe, who bluntly supports mandatory vaccination.

In the interview, Macron added that, although does not have in mentand “Vaccinate by force”hopes to pressure people to get vaccinated “by limiting as much as possible their access to social life activities.”

“I will not send [a personas no vacunadas] to jail, “he said.

“So we have to tell you: as of January 15, they will no longer be able to go to restaurants. They will no longer be able to go for coffee, they will no longer be able to go to the theater. They will no longer be able to go to the movies ”.

The debate in Parliament has sparked protests.

These days the French Parliament is debating precisely about a project of lawthat contemplates the introduction of a vaccination passport, whose application would imply vetoing access to a large part of public life to those who are not immunized.

Macron’s comments and the tension in the Assembly have slowed down the initial schedule envisaged by the government, which wanted to apply the passport from January 15.

Several European countries are introducing mandatory vaccines.

Austria will start this plan for those over 14 from next month and Germany is planning a similar measure for adults.

Historical antecedent

French President Georges Pompidou used language similar to Macron in 1966.

But, unlike the current president, he said it was time to stop “nagging” the French.

One of Macron’s allies, Christophe Castaner, said Wednesday that “the phrase had not surprised anyone when it came out of Pompidou’s mouth.”

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