“I want them to go to prison”: Journalist who denounced Sebastián Sosa and 3 Vélez players for sexual abuse told his version – La Opinion

“I want them to go to prison”: Journalist who denounced Sebastián Sosa and 3 Vélez players for sexual abuse told his version – La Opinion

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The former goalkeeper of Cougars and of the Uruguay team, Sebastian Sosaremains in the eye of the hurricane after the complaint of a woman who accused him, along with three of his colleagues, of sexual abuse.

At the moment the goalkeeper is on parole, after of being imprisoned for several days, but the investigation is ongoing and anything could happen. For now, the alleged victim broke the silence and for the first time he told his version of how the events happened, in addition to demanding justice and expressing his desire that all those involved be imprisoned: Sebastián Sosa, Abiel Osorio, Brian Cufré and José Florentín.

In an interview for TN, “Luli”, as he asked to be called (to preserve anonymity), said that it all started at the end of the match between Vélez and Atlético Tucumán that was played on March 3 at the latter’s stadium, the José Fierro Monumental. There he had his first contact in person with goalkeeper Sebastián Sosa, who smiled at him and motioned for him to look at his cell phone. “Yes, I found you,” the message said, since they had previously maintained contact through text messages.

“They were already getting on the bus to go back to the Hilton. Sosa tells me that maybe they had the night free and if I wanted to go to the hotel. I told him yes. He generated confidence in me because he is the goalkeeper of the Uruguayan team, with a track record, and he is not a reserve kid that no one knows,” said the 25-year-old girl, who later entered the hotel, went up to the fourth floor and arrived at the room 407.

The door was open and I entered. They made a Fernet in a white thermos that was from Osorio, but from there only Sosa and I drank”said Luli, who said that a few minutes later she already felt very bad.

My head started to throb, my body didn’t respond.“I was dizzy, it was cold,” she mentioned and inferred that the goalkeeper seemed to have lost consciousness, as he immediately fell asleep.

“Did they take advantage of the fact that you were dizzy to rape you?” journalist Lorena Maciel, who conducted the interview, openly asked, to which “Luli” responded affirmatively.

“Yeah”. “While I was being abused by Florentín and Cufré I remember that I turned my head to the bed where Sosa and Osorio were so they could help me.but Sosa was sleeping and Osorio was a spectator,” he said.

After the abuse was consummated, “Luli” tried to get back on her feet, but she continued to feel sick.l, so he ended up lying down again. He recalled that he heard his two attackers saying goodbye to the other two soccer players, announcing that they were going to the casino.

The alleged victim stated that, when they left, Osorio approached him and she questioned his friends’ behavior. “I asked why her classmates did that to me, why they hurt me like that,” she said, but there was no answer. “There I fell asleep or lost consciousness, something happened, because the next thing I remember is Osorio above me”he added.

“After 20 minutes I started to feel better. When I looked for my clothes, my panties were gone. “I don’t know what happened to me because I opened the nightstand and there was my panties, tied to a fairly high bundle of silver,” she said.

Although the woman acknowledged that Sebastián Sosa did not abuse herdemanded the same punishment as for his attackers: “He was in the room that night. She didn’t protect me, she didn’t take care of me. I consider that He was the one who handed me over, because basically he was the one who invited me”, he commented.

Regarding the reasons that prompted her to go to the appointment that day, the woman responded that “she blames herself a lot for having gone to the hotel that night, for not having seen the danger, for being naive. I want them to go to prison, it’s the only thing that interests me, and that there is enormous social condemnation for them. I will have justice because the truth is one and it is mine”, he expressed.

Finally, “Luli” confessed that this event gave her life a 360-degree turn and that she now lives with fear and anxiety, in addition to having problems resuming her career as a journalist.

“I was always a person who took on the world and today there are times when I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself. I live permanently with anguish, with fear, with anxiety”, he said. “How I follow? How do I get back into sports journalism? How do I get rid of the stigma of the complainant, of the whore, of the victim, of everything that was said about me, of the damage that was done to me through comments and on the networks? It is irreversible,” she concluded.

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