“I wanted to take away Francisca Lachapel’s husband, who is a gorgeous Italian”: Mela said in an interview with Lourdes Stephen

Francesca Lachapel

Francesca Lachapel

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lourdes stephen held a meeting with 鈥楳ela La Melaza鈥, the character played by the host of 鈥淲ake up America鈥 鈥嬧婩rancisca Lachapel, who made some very spicy confessions, including that she fell in love with the Dominican鈥檚 husband, so the journalist took the opportunity to upload everything said to her YouTube channel and display it publicly.

鈥淚 have a lot of relationships with people with money, I don鈥檛 hang out with commoners or stuff anymore. I can have two and even three boyfriends at the same time, you have to explore, they say that diversification is the key to success and that鈥檚 why I try those from Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, I have a little of everything. I even wanted to take away Francisca鈥檚 husband, who is a very handsome Italian, but he did not let himself, he is a very faithful man to his wife,鈥 said 鈥淢ela.鈥

It must be remembered that 鈥淢ela La Melaza鈥 is characterized by being a woman without a filter who says what she thinks without caring about the consequences or who she may affect with her statements and on this occasion she made one that 鈥渃ould endanger the marriage by Francisca Lachapel鈥, of course, all with humor because Lachapel herself brings Mela to life.

Likewise, the woman confessed that she does not like men from the Dominican Republic, since the two biggest love disappointments she has experienced in her life have been with people from that country.

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