I was thirsty!  Young people refresh and give water to a boa in Umán – 24 Horas

I was thirsty! Young people refresh and give water to a boa in Umán – 24 Horas

A video circulates on the networks that captured the noble gesture that a couple of young people from Uman after giving drink water to one thirsty boa after the high temperatures.

Through Facebook, Novelo Abrisselshared a video that shows the exact moment in which they provide water to a boa that was among the dry grasses, in a field near the San Felipe neighborhood, in the municipality of Umán, Yucatán.

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In the 28-second video you can see the large snake of the Boidae family, approximately three meters long, drinking water provided by a pair of young people from a plastic bottle.

However, since the vital liquid is insufficient, since the boa looks hot and thirsty, since you can even see how it opens its snout so that the drops fall inside it, one of the men ends up going for more water, which I know the fan so that your whole body cools down.

Faced with this act, the boa, instead of attacking or fleeing in a sense of believing or feeling threatened, remains in place receiving the “cuddling” of the young people, who even mention:

“Yes, he wanted to cool off! See how she enjoys it, I had never seen that, (…) she is drinking water, (…) she is thirsty. Yes, you are right, see how he enjoys it. Bring more water, Daniel, bring more water,” is heard in the recording.

On the other hand, in the description of the video, Novelo Abrisse wrote:

“Today we had the opportunity to cool down a snake, sometimes it’s puppies, sometimes popcorn, a little water and empathy, that’s all they need…

Don’t throw stones at them, they’re just thirsty… They go out in search of water and they need to cool off…”

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As expected, the video quickly went viral after the great gesture of these inhabitants of Umán, who are aware of the heat wave that is plaguing the country and has caused several species to die and many others to seek refuge in cool places so as not to suffer the inclement weather, they touched their hearts and helped a little animal that for many could be dangerous, but on this occasion it was vulnerable and thirsty.


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