If I am a student, do I need to apply for a special visa to enter Canada?

If I am a student, do I need to apply for a special visa to enter Canada?

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Recently the government of Canada announced a new immigration measure that will be valid for Mexican citizens who wish to visit the country and also whose international trips make a stopover in Canadian territory. According to the statement issued by the Canadian authorities, this measure was taken due to the high rate of immigration requests by Mexican citizens that were not followed up.

According to William Herrera, president of the Mexican Association of Educational Tourism (AMTE), the new immigration measure will modify the condition of students who attend Canada to courses with a duration of less than 24 weeks or to summer camps since they must process, in addition to the eTA, their canadian visa, Except for Mexican citizens who have an American visa, those who have that document will be able to enter the country without problems.

William Herrera pointed out that longer courses, diplomas or higher education programs will not be affected, nor will the immigration status of Mexican students who were already in the country at the time the new measure was implemented. migratory. These rules were established in the midst of a huge boom in migration to Canada.

What are the requirements to process a Canadian student visa?

The reason that studies with a longer duration are not affected by the entry into force of the new canadian visa This is because the Canadian student visa for a longer period of time was already established for Mexican citizens, the study permit was already requested in advance from the Canadian government to carry out postgraduate studies, courses or specializations.

The requirements that the government of Canada apply to obtain a study visa in Canada They are the following; have a valid passport, birth certificate, document that proves that the student was accepted at a Canadian academic institution, financial documents that prove that you have enough money to pay for your stay in the country, demonstrate that you have strong ties with your country of origin that demonstrate that you do not intend to stay in the country after finishing your studies, minors under 18 years of age must present an authorization signature from their parents.

Now you know the requirements that the government of Canada It will be requested in case you want to travel to the country to achieve some type of academic goal. Canada It is a country that has a great educational offer, and is also recognized worldwide for its academic quality. If you are interested in traveling to the country to study, look for a program that suits your interests and begin the process so that you can obtain your acceptance letter and get your canadian student visa.

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