If I have a child in the United States, will they give me permanent residence or a Green Card?

If I have a child in the United States, will they give me permanent residence or a Green Card?

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Having a family is the desire of many people, but what happens when they want to do it in USA? For some years now, several couples have decided to travel to the American Union to have a son, Or, they move in, live there and that’s when they start growing their family. It is known that a baby born within the United States acquires American nationality, but what about the parents? Does having a child help you obtain permanent residence either Green Card? Here we tell you.

Have a son in USA can pose a number of challenges and problems, especially for those who do not have legal immigration status in the country. However, every year, hundreds of people express their desire to start a family in the United States or, at least, to give birth there so that the child receives first-class care. However, just as there are disadvantages, there are also benefits to doing this.

Once a foreign couple has a son in USAthe baby acquires American nationality, which is important because it puts him in the position of enjoying rights and special treatment, simply for being an American citizen. Parents will no longer have to worry about certain things such as medical care, since the little one will receive the best.

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If you son is a US citizen, you can process the permanent residenceeo Green Card? That is one of the most common doubts of parents, who do not know what will happen next with their immigration status. Next, we will tell you if having a baby in the United States will allow you to live and work legally in said country. Take note of this information!

What happens if I have a child in the United States? Find out if they give you the Green Card

The one you have a son in USA does not guarantee that you will obtain the Green Card either permanent residenceIn fact, the United States authorities could take legal action if they find out that the reason you had it in the American Union is for your own benefit. What is certain is that when your child is born in the United States, several things happen and certain advantages are obtained, such as:

  • Citizenship by birth: if you son born in USAautomatically acquires American citizenship, regardless of the immigration status of the parents. This is a provision of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • Benefit Eligibility: Your child may be eligible for a number of benefits and government programs, such as health care and public education.
  • Impact on parents’ immigration status: The fact that your child is a US citizen does not automatically guarantee any immigration benefits for parents. However, in some cases, having a citizen child can influence future visa applications or immigration status.
  • Possible legal implications: If you are in the United States without papers and your child is a U.S. citizen, it is important to seek legal advice to understand your rights and responsibilities.
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Have a son in USA doesn’t give you the permanent residence wave Green Cardbut it could facilitate certain immigration procedures since you obviously have to take care of him/her. Analyze the situation and make the decision that you consider is best for you and your family. Remember that although having a child in the United States can provide benefits to the child, it could also put you in trouble.

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