In a bikini and dancing free like the wind: the video of Alicia Machado that revolutionizes the networks

In a bikini and dancing free like the wind: the video of Alicia Machado that revolutionizes the networks

Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado is a beach lover. In his social networks, the sun and the sand are protagonists, because on more than one occasion he has been seen in a bikini enjoying the sea.

On this occasion, the new video circulating shows the artist very happy as she relaxes on a tropical day.

In addition to this, Miss Universe 1996 is seen taking some dance steps while wearing a sexy bikini.

The followers of Alicia Machado did not waste the opportunity to leave her some compliments in the comment box.

鈥淲aoo you achieved your body Alicia鈥, 鈥淩egia our Queen. God bless you my beauty 鈥,鈥 Bella 鈥, were some of the messages that appeared.

The figure of Alicia Machado

For years, the body of the former beauty queen has been a hot topic on social networks, due to the changes it has undergone.

Before the doubts of her fans, Alicia Machado has clarified what is the secret to maintaining her figure.

This has become clear with a question asked by a user on his Instagram account: 鈥淎licia, please tell me the truth: How did you lose 11 kilos in such a short time? I don鈥檛 think it was diet, since the ball or baria is in fashion. Tell me to make that pod now 鈥.

Given this, the winner of La Casa de Los Famosos told him: 鈥淢y doctor Miguel Gou can explain my 13-week diet to lose those kilos. Not everything is operating rooms! 鈥, Held.

Likewise, Alicia Machado has commented on how her weight loss process has been. 鈥淚 lost 11 kilos not to say 12 because it makes me sad to say that I lost 12 kilos. Already today a lady at the airport, very pretty, who received me told me that I had to do my diet and that it be called the diet of 鈥楢lice from The House of Famous鈥. Then I鈥檒l pass on my tips 鈥.

In another post on Instagram, the artist made it clear that she is very focused on maintaining a healthy life since exercise routines are part of her day-to-day.

The video published by Alicia Machado shows an arduous training session for her legs.

鈥淢y people we continue training with everything. This 2022 will be one of many blessings for everyone. Trust, 鈥渉e wrote next to the publication that has obtained nearly 150,000 views and more than 450 comments.

Among the messages left by fans are: 鈥淢any blessings to you, many positive energies and the best of vibes. You are loved and admired 鈥漚nd鈥 Maintaining your body 鈥.

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