In a micro bikini, Alicia Machado receives a wood therapy and asks not to be censored

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To have enough energy in your daily activities Alicia Machado She frequently goes to the spa, and now she surprised her fans with a video in which she appears wearing a green micro bikini while receiving a reductive massage: “My people, how are you, don’t think badly about what you are doing to me. Don’t censor me. Here I have the beautiful Estefany, who is falling to sticksliterally, with wood therapy”.

The beautiful Venezuelan was also seen choosing her wardrobe to appear on another of the dates of her successful monologue; After trying on a sexy velvet mini dress, she finally opted for an orange suit in which she looked very elegant on stage.

Alicia Machado has always been in favor of empowerment, and last week, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, he published on his account Instagram a photograph accompanied by a long message, in which the following is highlighted: “At least I don’t fight anymore, we have already made it clear to the world 🌍 that we are the magical and indispensable piece, that we are neither more nor less, that we are equal and that there is no going back in the beautiful coexistence of unity between men and us women. Welcome to a new feminine era of supporting and valuing each other and we will be invincible!”

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