In a split, María León hypnotizes by moving her charms

In a split, María León hypnotizes by moving her charms


María León surprises by moving her charms in an incredible split (Instagram)

María León surprises by moving her charms in incredible split | instagram

The mexican singer María León is in the final stage of the talent show “Look who is dancing“A few days after leaving everything on the track and the audience knowing the winner of this season, the participants are striving to give their best.

So throughout the week, the composer He has been trying harder in rehearsals with the choreographer and the dancer, even sharing some of the moments while they rehearse, as well as revealing some of the steps, however, he also shared the warm-up they do.

In order to perform complicated charges, coordinated dance steps, the ex-vocalist of the band limbo beach He does a lot of physical activity, in order to achieve high performance on the court, he always has his body in constant movement, resulting in a solid and exercised figure.

Maria Leon She uploaded a video to her official Instagram account, starring her and Jonathan Platero, her choreographer, both on the floor performing an impressive, impeccable and very well executed split, but for that, the camera was behind the dancers’ backs, they were making very specific movements.

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Moving her charms from behind in the split, the interpreter of “Forbidden to Love Us” mesmerized her fans with that video, as she wore a tight black comfortable blouse, lycra mini shorts that highlighted her maddening curves, transparent black stockings.

Flirty movements during the warm-up, which quickly raised the temperature of social networks, seeing how coordinated they are, earning much praise from their followers in the comments section as they assured that “everything does very well”.

Since María León has an angelic charisma, a tremendous talent in dance, every time she does a choreography she leaves the judges open-mouthed, a sweet voice with which she always delights, that is why she is one of the Mexican artists with greatest talent.

Sunday November 20 is the final of “Look who is dancing“Fans, netizens and contestants are wondering what will happen during the competition, who will walk away with the title of “winner” this season?


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