In Japan, games compatible with Xbox Game Pass have their own special packaging

In Japan, games compatible with Xbox Game Pass have their own special packaging

We all know that the console line Xbox never had a strong presence in Japan. However, Microsoft has been looking for this to change in recent years, especially with the introduction of Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that allows you to access numerous quality titles on your console. And it seems that Xbox’s reputation in Japan is about to change, thanks to interesting proposals like this.

Microsoft’s presence in Japan grows thanks to Xbox Game Pass

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@cc2_kazu is a Japanese video game developer who has been involved in well-known studios, such as CyberConnect2 either Tokyo Studio. A few days ago, she entered a local Yodobashi Camera (A popular electronics store in Japan) and found a surprise: A large portion of the video game area was painted a bright green color. When he approached these Xbox games, he could immediately notice that most of the boxes had text that said Xbox Game Pass. That explains it all: Microsoft decided to launch special packaging to promote all the video games that are compatible with its successful subscription service, but in a physical way that also attracts the attention of buyers.

Of course, this has its positive side and its negative side. On the one hand, it is helping Microsoft to have a greater presence in the country’s physical stores. It is known that the Xbox line was never very popular in Japan, so Microsoft slowly manufactured fewer physical copies of its games in that country. This caused the presence of this brand, with its classic green color, to be seen less and less in physical video game stores, where it was more common to see red. Nintendo or the blue of sony.

But in recent years, the accessibility of Xbox Game Pass has led to the brand’s reputation improving around the world, including in Japan. So they’re taking the opportunity to remind buyers that they can try endless solid experiences in the Xbox Series X/S subscription service.

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But of course, this interesting idea from Microsoft presents a problem: Those are empty boxes. That’s right, as they have suggested several commentators On Twitter, this is pure advertising and nothing more. The way the Xbox Game Pass service works, someone in the store who sees these special packaging and decides to try one of those games should access their console and subscribe, without even purchasing the physical package. Currently, the entire video game industry is concerned about the state of physical entertainment media, and the fact that Microsoft is using it to advertise its service does not give its community much hope.

But of course, this generated a huge debate among fans of the brand in Japan. Some believe it is an ingenious idea that takes advantage of the space allocated to Xbox in stores to promote the Xbox Game Pass service in an efficient way. While others believe it is a waste of plastic and space that would be better used if it were used to accommodate real physical video games, with real discs inside. What do you think? Would you like Microsoft to start using this model in your country?

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