In pictures!  This was Fefi Olivera’s bachelorette party – Chévere

In pictures! This was Fefi Olivera’s bachelorette party – Chévere

The sea of ​​Cartagena witnessed the last hours of bachelorhood of the actress Fefi Oliveira, who is about to marry her boyfriend Steven Campos. The young woman celebrated her bachelorette party at Sister Republic along with six of her friends.

The occasion was propitious for the young woman who was part of the “Club 57” series to celebrate her birthday in style, as she mentioned in a publication she shared on instagram.

White bathing suit, dresses of the same color and a matching veil were part of the outfits that the influencer also wore during the trip, which took place this past weekend and lasted until Monday, December 5.

Regarding the wedding, Fefi Oliveira (whose real name is Estefany Oliveira) has not provided further details. “It has to be in the United States, the most expensive country in the world to do a wedding, but our closest family is here and some of them cannot leave for now,” she said months ago.

Later, at the beginning of November, she mentioned that she already had the place where she will celebrate the ceremony that will make her Mrs. Campos. «The choice of the ideal place has not been easy. There are too many things to consider: the price, the time the party should end, if they let me put my food, my desserts and my drink, if it is a place facing the sea, if it is nice for the photos, if it makes us feel happy , among other requirements. We have been looking for venues in Miami since January and I can finally say that we found the ideal place », she explained.

It was on January 10 when Fefi announced that she was engaged to her partner, whom she has known since they were children. During a trip to Dubai, the boyfriend surprised Oliveira with a special dinner and a big “rock”.

“Since ever forever. I love you », was the message that the 29-year-old shared as a description of a carousel of photos with which she announced her compression.

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