Incredible: Czech club signs a footballer with no experience;  His father paid $22,000 for his place.

Incredible: Czech club signs a footballer with no experience; His father paid $22,000 for his place.

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The transfer of Martin Podhajsky to FK Usty was one of the most striking of the summer, but not because of the quality of the player, but for the reason behind it

The Czech club that plays in the third division of football made headlines due to his most recent transfer, since far from bringing good play to the club, he brought it money; that is to say, When it is usual for a club to pay to obtain a good player in the summer market, Usty received money in exchange for putting an inexperienced footballer on the field.

The strange agreement occurred when the law student’s father offered the club 500,000 crowns, equivalent to $22,000 dollars to the club in exchange for his son being able to fulfill his dream of being a soccer playerso they granted him a contract specifying that He will play at least 10 minutes this season.

The curious thing is that the “footballer” does not have any experience on the field, but even so, the team accepted because the money is very good for them.

He [Martin] I didn’t play soccer… only FIFA on the console“, said the owner of FK Usty in an interview for ESPN, who openly explained that the decision to accept him was motivated by economic reasons: “On the other hand, I don’t usually see half a million crowns rolling on the ground. If someone gives it to me, I’ll let anyone join“said Premysl Kuban, whose company called Viagem took over the team 4 months ago.

Since the new boss arrived at the club, he has proposed various controversial ideas for the team to attract attention from different parts of the world, such as proposing a new crest, giving away thousands of season tickets, producing many entertaining videos for social networks and, now , this quite peculiar signing.

On the other hand, the commercial director of Viagem, Matej Svois, revealed that the new player is also an employee of the company

“Martin is a law student and employee of Viagem, who takes care of everything related to the company’s ‘hostesses’. He himself said that he would like to play, then his father called and things started to move,” he said.

As expected, as soon as the contract was signed, the team announced it on their social networks, asking people what they thought of the decision, dividing opinions.

Finally, the owner explained what his plan is to fulfill the contract without being affected.

“He will go to training and prepare. He is scheduled to begin training in the fall. And in the spring, when we play seven games in a row at home, he will really play,” Premysl Kuban commented.

We are going to win 3-0, we will put him on attack for 10 minutes, he will replace Mares If his dad gives us 500,000 for 10 minutes… sorry, we don’t have sponsors” he stated.

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