Indiana launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos WITHOUT STUDIES with a salary of 19 dollars an hour

Indiana launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos WITHOUT STUDIES with a salary of 19 dollars an hour

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If you are looking for a I work in Indianathe employment vacancy as a ‘House Cleaning Professional,’ you will surely find it very interesting. This is an offer made by the company Molly Maid, which is willing to pay $19 an hour for a full-time day. That is, in a single week of work, you could earn up to 760 dollars (around 12,571.84 Mexican pesos.) If that sounds good enough for you, here you can check out the requirements:

Job requirements in Indiana that pays $760 per week

This employment vacancy You do not need any previous experience: everything you need to know, you will learn thanks to the training that the company will give you. Furthermore, you do not require any special certification or specific schooling. Essentially, you must have the desire to work and learn new things that will help you build a successful client portfolio. Of course: before applying through the SimplyHired portalmake sure you are also able to meet the requirements which are cited below:

  • You will need a valid Driver’s License to travel to the different houses that will make up your work day.
  • You will also require your own vehicle that is duly insured (there are some exceptions to this requirement if you use the mobility options provided by the company).
  • You must be able to work legally in the United States
  • You must maintain a positive attitude
  • Ability to find the joy of teamwork, even during exhausting days

Benefits of employment in Indiana that pays $760 per week

This I work in Indiana prioritizes neatness, professional ethics and an attitude of service. In your day-to-day life, you will be responsible for cleaning several residences in and around Indiana; But in addition to earning up to $760 a week, you will have great benefits, many of them widely in demand in the labor market. Just to mention a few, below we show you the most essential ones for this position:

  • Additional incentives to your salary for performance reasons
  • You will not work at night, weekends or days off.
  • The company provides all equipment and supplies
  • Comfortable uniforms
  • Monthly celebrations, staff appreciation and various recognitions for good work
  • Opportunities to grow as a Team Leader, Field Trainer or Customer Service Representative
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