Indy 500: Pato O’Ward admits technical “problem”, but is encouraged and wants to win for his mechanics – La Opinion

Indy 500: Pato O’Ward admits technical “problem”, but is encouraged and wants to win for his mechanics – La Opinion

Three days before the 108th edition of the famous Indianapolis 500, the Mexican driver Pato O’Ward is reserved regarding his chances of making history due to a technical “little problem” with which his Arrow McLaren team is dealing, but the native of Monterrey is still excited about another good performance in the famous Indy 500.

In a conversation with La Opinión, Pato O’Ward admitted this Thursday technical complications that could affect him in the most famous of the car races, which is scheduled for this Sunday if the rain allows it, because there is a high probability of precipitation. Ahead of the Indy 500, O’Ward is seventh in the 2024 IndyCar Series standings.

“We’re trying to fix it, but sadly you don’t know if it’s fixed until we actually ride,” Pato O’Ward said of the problem with his Arrow McLaren car. Immediately, the 25-year-old Mexican brightened up: “I’m not too worried, the truth is I feel that we are going to be able to, at least, fine-tune it a little. We are going to do well, I have faith.”

O’Ward preferred not to go into many details about the nature of the problem, but offered: “They are little details that at the end of the day make you slower on a track that is very favorable to power, to speed. “There are many things, not just one, it’s like a package.”

Pato O’Ward’s goal in Sunday’s Indy 500

Pato O’Ward will start from eighth position in the race. Two years ago, when he finished second at Indy he had started from seventh position.

“It’s a lot of patience, like the first hour and a half, like the first 50 laps, a lot of patience,” O’Ward explained about his race plan. “And then [es] like being well positioned to be able to be fighting within the first two or first three. Already in the last stint (portion of the race) you want to be in second minimum, because then it becomes a little more difficult to have the opportunity to pass people when you are third or fourth.”

– What is the OBJETIVE? What would be a good venue or performance this Sunday?

“Well look, I want to enjoy it and I really want, at the end of this race, [que] can say [que] I got the most out of what we had on hand. Many times certain opportunities do not occur, but when they do occur, it is time to take advantage of them. So at the end of that Sunday the best feeling is always: ‘I got everything out of it.’ I would love to improve any of my results from past years. I’ve already been sixth, fourth, second, I’ve finished last trying to win this race… We’ll see what the Gods of motorsport have in mind.”.

Pato O'Ward, of Mexico, climbs out of his car during qualifications for the Indianapolis 500 auto race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Sunday, May 19, 2024, in Indianapolis.  (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)
Pato O’Ward, here exiting his Arrow McLaren during qualifying for the Indy 500, says he misses the feeling of getting a checkered flag. /Photo: Darron Cummings/AP

Pato O’Ward’s entire family will be with him in Indianapolis

O’Ward was the winner of the first date of the current season in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he had finished in second place. It was a victory that came several weeks later due to a penalty against the team that had won the victory. But then he has struggled, finishing 16th, 23rd and 13th in the next three races.

Many of his family members will be present to support him at the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He says he will have as many loved ones as ever in Indy, including all of his grandparents.

“It is the best event that exists in the world, it is a great event, an energy that is unforgettable for those who are within the series, for the fans. It’s very, very special,” O’Ward described the experience of running the 500.

And despite the technical problems he and his team face, Pato wants to make history and achieve a true victory with the checkered flag.

“A win is a win, but we couldn’t celebrate it as a win,” he said about the “post-dated” victory in St. Pete. “It’s been a long time without a win like that, good. Obviously, I miss him.”

With humility, O’Ward revealed that he would also like to win a race for his work team.

“I would like to see my engineers, my mechanics, smile, because it has been a while since that happened,” shared the Mexican. “Although we have had good results, I feel that they have not been used as they should be and I would love to give them a very good reason to be happy on Sunday night.”

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