Intocable singer short concert said they would not return ticket money

Intocable singer short concert said they would not return ticket money


Intocable, a regional Mexican and northern band, was severely criticized, since they suddenly cut off a concert at the Arena Monterrey, in Monterrey, Mexico, after their vocalist, Ricky Muñoz, stopped the recital, not even going halfway through the presentation .

According to various local media, this caused a wave of booing on the night of Friday, December 2. Muñoz suspended the show after saying that he was not in condition: “The net I’m not having a good time.” After what was said, there was confusion among the attendees.

The singer assured that he could not continue with the presentation because he did not feel well, since he was taking a medication, so he was not in optimal conditions to continue on stage. while said that they could not return the money for the tickets to the attendees.

In the midst of the shouts and the disagreement of the people, Muñoz tried to continue at the request of the public, seconds later he said goodbye amid boos. Criticism was swift on social media, where Untouchable fans expressed their anger.

The way in which the singer ended the recital, which had barely lasted 30 minutes, was the main criticism from the fans of the authors of ‘I’m not strong’, who They recalled that it was not the first time that he had behaved “arrogant” the vocalist and showed unprofessionalism.

The fans assured that the vocalist possibly has a depression, and that if so, it will be better that he attend to it soon, while others affirmed that it is only, once again, a “bad attitude” that cannot be tolerated.

Until now, the promoting company that brought the Texano group to this city in northern Mexico has not issued a statement to find out what will happen after the singer indicated that the attendees will not have a refund for the cancellation of the show.

Ricky Muñoz is not the first time he has been in the eye of the hurricane, since in the context of the covid pandemic, publicly said he was able to access the vaccine long before he was eligible thanks to contacts, something that upset many Americans.

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