Is Angelica Vale sick?  The supposed TRUTH of your weight loss

Is Angelica Vale sick? The supposed TRUTH of your weight loss



With more than 40 years of artistic career, Angelica Vale has positioned itself as one of the greatest exponents of music and comedy beyond the Mexican borders, a country that although it saw its birth, also encouraged it to currently be able to take over the Spanish-speaking community in the USA, but in recent weeks what has given a lot to talk about is its impressive physical changeand despite looking spectacular, in social networks there is talk of an alleged theory who would be behind this surprising weightlossand this is known.

It is important to mention that through its digital platformsthe also 40 year old actress has not failed to share some aspects of this impressive transformation, Well, he has lost a little less than 20 kilos of weight, and although the results are spectacular, there are some Internet users who have debated its appearance, ensuring that although it looks very thin his countenance is one sick person.

It should be noted that she herself has revealed that her weightloss is due to treatment, diet very strict and physical activity to which he has been subjected for some time and until now the results, but one has appeared on the internet theory that has divided the opinions, Well, while his most loyal fans ask the community do not comment on his body, There are those who claim that she could be very delicate.

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And it seems that many fans remembered that since their beginnings in the world of acting through the TV soaps Mexicans, the only daughter of the Rock and Roll legend in Spanish Angelica Maria showed that he had problems with his weight, which completely exploded when the singer gave birth to her two children, and since then she could not find a stability, so many claim that this could have returned.

Does Angélica Vale have an illness?

And it is that on different digital platforms it has been remembered that the comedy star He suffers from eating disorders in his adolescence and youth, as he was even on the verge of falling into bulimia due to the obsession that the artistic environment itself imposed on him after not being one of the thin stars of Television, but it was the same television magic the one that got her out of that problem, since since 2021 she has been honest about it.

It was in an interview with Yordi Rosadowhere Angelica Vale She spoke for the first time about the time when she was accused of being fat and not having a thin body, words that undoubtedly affected her self-esteem and she even began to attack her physical, since vomiting is induced after eating so as not to increase kilos, and this is what she said at that time, but the work got her ahead:

“They always called me fat; always, all my life. I did gain a lot of weight when I was 14, 15 or so. I was half full, because of the divorce I started eating fat. Later I lost weight, but I continued with the trauma… Emilio Larrosa called me and told me ‘you’re going to make her bulimic’ and I said ‘what is that?’ I had all the symptoms, but I didn’t know I was bulimic,” she commented.

What is a fact is that his illness was never in a serious stage or that it had serious consequences on his state of health, since this role in the Telenovela ‘Dreamers’ helped her get ahead, so this theory of a disease has been ruled out after fans of the actress claim that she has currently clung to a good nutrition and complete medical treatment supervised by an expert.


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