Is Thalía in serious health condition?  The singer’s illness that alarms even her sister Laura Zapata

Is Thalía in serious health condition? The singer’s illness that alarms even her sister Laura Zapata



Considered one of the great representatives of the Latin music, Thalia has made a name in the industry that is undoubtedly impossible to erase, and while in rsocial networks boasts a life full of luxuries, fame and privileges, not everything is rosy, since apparently they have a serious illness that has kept her quite worried sisterthe villain of Mexican soap operasLaura Zapataand this is what the 67-year-old actress had to say.

It is important to mention that the relationships of both stars They have stayed away for a long time and there has even been mention of a possible enmity between them, same that was revived since the death of their grandmother, Doña Eva, who died in 2022 and Zapata did not hesitate to point out the Tommy Mottola’s wife of never supporting the care and attention of the woman they even considered their own mother.

Or if it is a fact, it is that each of the two has decided to focus on their successful careersbut now that this third month of 2024 begins, the star of the television She claims to be very concerned about the singer’s illnessbecause despite being estranged, she has not lost her chance to send his best wishes to the interpreter and assures that despite everything he is attentive to her.

It was during his appearance at the 80th anniversary of La Casa del Actor, where Laura ZapatHe had a meeting with the media who did not hesitate to ask him about the his sister’s health with whom, years ago, he stopped having a fraternal relationship, and despite the fact that he reiterated that he will not talk about Thalia, If I send a message:

“I really wish him to recover (it’s serious, it’s not a joke or anything) his sense of taste, because human beings who lose some of their senses, the senses are those that contact the outside, well imagine. .. and she is so beautiful, so cool and so successful,” he told the morning news program ‘Come on Joy’.

What is Thalia’s illness?

Faith the same interpreter of topics such as ‘Mexican Love’, which has shared that as a result of the time she contracted COVID-19, she was diagnosed with dyslexia, a weird illness that has altered his taste, generating a bad taste in the mouth that persists throughout the day, since she has even shared different home remedies with which she has overcome this condition that keeps her somewhat worried

“It’s an alteration of taste with a constant taste of salt, of metal, 24/7 and I can’t stop feeling it, I thought it was going to end, but no, it’s still the same,” said the wife of music businessman Tommy Mottola, visibly worried. .


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