Is your legal status in process?  These are the rights you have as an undocumented person

Is your legal status in process? These are the rights you have as an undocumented person

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If you find yourself undocumented in USA It is very likely that you feel vulnerable to certain acts or attitudes that state or federal authorities may have, however, even if you do not have documents that prove your legal stay in the country, you have rights that you can assert at any time, even more so. If you are already in the process of regularize your status legal.

As an immigrant there are laws in USA that protect you even if you arrived in the United States illegally, these laws are responsible for ensuring that you remain within the country until the study of your case is carried out. The authorities will take into account each specific case, the circumstances and details of your arrival and stay in the country to reach the resolution of your case. While this is taking place process You have rights that you can enforce.

In case you suffer a detention While your case is in process you can make use of 2 basic rights: being detained and having a regularization process of immigration status you can request to be eligible to be released on bail or other conditions of appearance. You also have the right to call a lawyer or your family.

What can I do if I am arrested in the United States and I am undocumented?

If you are arrested and do not have the necessary documents to prove your legal status or you are in the process of regularizing your immigration status, We share the following considerations that you can follow to cope with the arrest in the best possible way, the first thing you should do is stay calm, try not to resist and do not obstruct the agents’ work.

Do not lie and do not hand over false documents, keep in mind the telephone numbers of your family and if possible also of your lawyer, you have the right to remain silent, only speak if they ask you to say your name, if necessary. If you are detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement, you will need to hire a lawyer. In this case, the state is not obligated to give you one, but it can provide you with a list of lawyers who work for free or for a low fee.

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