It is not Karol G or Yailin: According to ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Anuel AA would have a young woman who is 6 months pregnant

It is not Karol G or Yailin: According to ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, Anuel AA would have a young woman who is 6 months pregnant

If something has pursued Anuel AA in recent months, it is the scandal, specifically for his love life. Since the Puerto Rican separated from the Colombian Carol G. With whom he had a relationship followed by his millions of fans, the controversies that are linked to his name are increasingly followed.

While the singer shouts from the rooftops his love for his new girlfriend, yailin, The attention of the networks this time looks towards a possible son who is on the way and is neither from his ex-partner, nor from his future wife.

Anuel AA

According to journalist Tanya Charry of 鈥楾he fat and the skinny鈥, Anuel AA would have had an affair that lasted several months with a 28-year-old girl who has been identified as Melisa Malesilla. The woman who lives in Houston, assured that she is 6 months pregnant and that the father of her child is Puerto Rican.

Among the details that he has revealed, he says that this girl, who also has Colombian parents, met the urban music performer at a private concert by the singer Drake, and it was specifically in September 2021 when they fell in love at first sight at that event.

Everything would have started as a long-distance relationship, and the meeting point that became their love nest was Miami and Houston. They had their romantic encounters there, and once she found out that she was pregnant, she told the singer.

According to the journalist鈥檚 account, Anuel AA鈥檚 reaction at that time was to ask her to take a pregnancy test, which gave a 99.9% sure result that it was her son. And seeing that he tested positive, he supposedly promised to take care of the son and give him all his support. However, over time, he assures the woman that this did not happen.

When there are approximately 3 months left until the little one is born, he has had no sign of the famous. On the contrary, he said that he stopped answering his messages and calls when he made his relationship with Yailin official.

The woman about whom little is known until now, studied finance and works in a financial company. The journalist assured that she, together with her team, has been investigating this alleged reggaeton pregnancy for weeks.

Just a few weeks ago Anuel AA and Yailin spoke openly about their relationship in an interview with the magazine 鈥楬ola!鈥. They talked about the marriage that is planned, and the desire to have children. But while with drums and cymbals they announce their 鈥榩erfect鈥 life and fill their nets with luxurious gifts.

The former partner of the Puerto Rican before Karol G, Astrid Cuevas, who is the mother of his son Pablo, recently exploded by assuring that the interpreter left them on the street and that he is not aware of his son. In fact, a video of them kissing at her house was leaked, implying that not everything was over between them.

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