It moves with rhythm, Ninel Conde recreating a network trend

It moves with rhythm, Ninel Conde recreating a network trend


Ninel Conde moves to the rhythm recreating a network trend (INSTAGRAM)

Ninel Conde moves to the rhythm recreating a network trend | INSTAGRAM

Although the popular Mexican artist, Ninel Conde, has a large number of fans, many of them did not agree with her sense of humor in the most recent video that she posted on her official Instagram, however others did not. I mattered so much and they simply dedicated themselves to enjoying its beauty.

It’s about a clip in which we could see that she was with a friend when she decided to record this trend in which she says: “Oh friend, eating ugly anyone is a womanizer.”

After the sentence she begins to danceshe was having a lot of fun and it shows, but many of her followers did not agree with the joke, so they could not help but leave a comment disapproving it and expressing their discomfort, disgust, disagreement.

Apparently to the famous actress he liked the joke a lot and that’s why he was enjoying it a lot, it shows when he danced in front of the cameras, however, in Internet He did not agree so much, although we can also read comments that agreed with him.

In what if the faithful fans agreed sharing their opinion is what she looked like beautifull and much more in this type of beautiful outfit, sky blue top and pants, made of quite elegant fabric, it really looked very pretty, it became quite a spectacle.

The “I like it” thousands began to arrive and gathered, a large number of users greatly enjoyed seeing her take her best steps to the rhythm of the music, a moment that could not be missed.

Ninel Conde not only uploads these types of videos, but also shares some of her best photo shoots, however the most beautiful photos she has are uploaded to her account for the fans-only platform, where you can unlock them for a monthly subscription .

They were screaming for him to please open an account of this type and they were present at the time of the inauguration, subscribing insulting the beautiful results, top quality deliveries that from the first moment managed to consent to all those who wanted them.

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At Show News we will continue to share a little more of her content, adventures and news, accompanying her while she is in charge of showing off her figure and also a few words to get in touch with her loyal fans who do not lose track of her, also stay tuned to stay informed of the best news of the show and much more.


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