It was revealed who would have paid the bail of former soccer player Dani Alves – La Opinion

It was revealed who would have paid the bail of former soccer player Dani Alves – La Opinion

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Dani Alves is now free after being held in the Brians 2 Penitentiary Center, after paying a deposit that was set at one million euros. This fact generated a wave of comments, trials, accusations and speculation on social networks and the media, especially about the origin of the sum that had to be paid for the freedom of the former Brazilian full-back.

Who paid Dani Alves’ bail?

The intrigue and questioning about who had financed Dani Alves’ bail was finally cleared up thanks to an exclusive revelation on the Spanish show called ‘Fiesta’. Marisa Blázquez, a collaborator of said program, was the person who revealed all the details about this issue, making it clear that the payment of Alves’ bail was not made by an individual person, but by a company that made the payment of the bond. same. According to Blázquez, an internationally renowned Brazilian magazine, also known for its outstanding reports on renowned personalities, was responsible for the payment of one million euros.

“The magazine, known in Brazil, does great reports on important people in Brazil, but also at an international level and I would have done it in exchange for a report that would already be being done,” said Marisa Blázquez in Fiesta. It was also announced that what motivated this payment to be made was the production of an exclusive report on the life of the former Barcelona Football Club player and the Brazilian national team, which would include an interview in documentary video format.

“This payment would have been an advance as payment for that interview type of documentary that is being made,” stated Blázquez.

Why was there a delay in paying the deposit?

The whole issue of late payment and delays in making the deposit were due to the various complications in being able to execute international transfers, something that requires some time to complete and in addition to verifying all the legal requirements that are necessary.

At the time it was said that it had been Neymar’s entourage.former player of FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint Germain and friend of the Brazilian, led by his father and then it was said that it had been the Dutch forward and today Atlético de Madrid player, Memphis Depay.

The possibility that Depay had granted the million euros was considered, but later flatly denied by the Brazilian player’s lawyer and also former player of the Pumas of Mexico, Sébastien Ledure. “Definitely not true. All the news about it is false. Please let all the media correct it,” he declared in dialogue with Infobae.

“As everyone knows, at the beginning I helped Dani Alves, who was not linked to any lawsuit,” The statement that Neymar Da Silva published through Instagram started. “In this second moment, in a situation different from the previous one, in which the Spanish courts have already ruled in favor of the sentence, there is speculation and an attempt is made to associate my name and that of my son with a matter that today no longer exists.” It’s up to us,” he said. Likewise, the Spanish press speculated about the possible sale of Alves’s quite luxurious property on the outskirts of Barcelona in order to make the payment.

Finally, all the mystery and intrigue regarding the payment of Dani Alves’ bail It has been resolved and now attention is focused on the development of the judicial process faced by the former soccer player and as well as the complete details of the report for which a magazine decided to finance his release from prison.

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