Italian media defend Memo Ochoa, despite the fact that he received 8 goals from Atalanta

Italian media defend Memo Ochoa, despite the fact that he received 8 goals from Atalanta

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In Mexico mockery rained down on him and criticism of Guillermo Ochoa after the 8-2 win he received with Salernitana in the match against Atalantacorresponding to date 18 of Serie A, the highest soccer circuit in Italy.

comments like “El Chavo del 8” and “8-A”, in relation to the number of goals he received the goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team, were a constant on social networks after the result was announced; However, two media outlets in Italy were less harsh with him and mentioned what was salvageable in his performance.

And it is that the Aztec soccer player had nothing to do in any of the goals he received, since most of them were defensive errors and mistakes from the rest of his teammates; in fact, Paco Memo even stopped a penaltyalthough with such bad luck that the rebound fell to the rival and ended up embedding the ball in the net.

La Gazzeta dello Sport, one of the main Italian sports newspapers, highlighted that the goalkeeper did his job well and that if it weren’t for his performance, everything could have been much worse.

“In his usual show he did everything to postpone the win”, mentioned the newspaper, alluding to the other two days in which he has participated, where he had an outstanding performance, despite the fact that he has not yet won the Italian championship.

“Ochoa saved Koopmeiners’ penalty in minute 38’”highlighted, for its part, La Reppublica, another important newspaper in the country.

An even more difficult test awaits Memo Ochoa

Next week Paco Memo will have the opportunity to remove his thorn after this win; however, the bad news is that will play against the current leaders of Serie A, Napoli, where does your compatriot play “Chucky” Lozano.

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