Ivonne Montero suffered a corneal burn and momentarily lost her vision

Ivonne Montero suffered a corneal burn and momentarily lost her vision

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The Mexican singer and actress Ivonne Montero had caused concern among her followers by publishing a photograph in which she appears with her left eye completely bandaged. “A fatal oversight,” said the winner of the second season of “La Casa de los Famosos” without giving more details about what happened.

In an interview with the “First-hand” program, the interpreter revealed what happened to her: Montero suffered a burn on his corneas because her contact lenses rested in drops that weren’t right for them and she wore them that way.

“You know that I normally wear colored lenses, I use contact lenses to read and things like that. Then it turns out that I was at an event and I forgot to bring the saline water liquid where one puts the water case and puts the glasses until you use them again. On that occasion I did not bring the saline water and it was very easy for me to put them in eye drops: I left the glasses in eye drops and forgot about it,” Montero explained.

The Mexican explained that on Monday she was about to take some photos for a play and she put on her glasses, felt a burning sensation, removed them and rinsed them this time with the liquid she should have.. She used them again for over an hour and the burning was always there.

“I burned both corneas, I already saw blurry. In the end I couldn’t take it anymore, I took them off, and what’s the surprise? I no longer had vision… The producer, Sergio, did me the favor of taking me to the emergency room and they gave me a mega wash… Fortunately, the damage did not go any further, ”explained the actress and singer.

In the emergency room they explained to him that although the liquid is good for the eyes, it is not adequate for contact lenses to stay there. His left eye was the most affected, which is why it was the one that was bandaged.

In the interview, Montero appeared with dark glasses, as he still has to keep his eyes cared for and protected. “The recovery has been very good. I still see quite blurry on the left side, on the right I can see better. And just wait for the medication to do its job and recover the entire membrane and cornea,” said Montero.

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