Ivonne Montero suffered a serious injury in the middle of a photo session

Ivonne Montero suffered a serious injury in the middle of a photo session

The use of contact lenses took a toll on the Mexican Ivonne Montero, because due to an oversight the cornea was burned, the transparent part of the eye that covers the iris and the pupil, and allows light to enter inside, as well as protects our view of it.

The actress, who recently won “The House of Celebrities”, immersed her contacts in a liquid solution that is not suitable for the thin sheets and this caused a burning that later produced the dangerous accident.

“Days before my photo session I had gone to an event in which I used my contact lenses, but unfortunately I had not brought the saline water in which you should normally keep the lenses at rest while you do not use them,” he is heard from the artist in her first clip telling what happened.

The explanation continued: “the idea occurred to me to put them in their case with eye drops, there are different types, a friend lent them to me, I forgot I had left them there, I returned from the event, I did not take them out of there in no time and the call for the photographs came and when I put the contacts on I felt a very strong burning sensation, but I simply took them off, washed them very well with water and put them back on.

Previously, the protagonist of “Anita do not rajes” had published an alarming photograph where she had a patch on one eye and the other looked irritated. But she hadn’t aired anything about what had happened by then.

lost vision

«Momentarily the burning disappeared, but during the session it came and went, the lens began to fog up, but I never imagined the severe damage it was doing to my corneas, I finished posing for the camera in an hour and there I took off my glasses myself because I couldn’t stand them anymore and then came the surprise that at that moment I no longer had vision, it wasn’t that the contacts were tarnished, it was my corneas already burned, it was fatal, the little that my eyes could see was blurry, I couldn’t make out faces, just light and shadows,” continued Ivonne Montero.

«They took me to the emergency room, the ophthalmologist told me that I had severe damage to that part of my eyes, the solution was too abrasive, fortunately I was able to get ahead and they prescribed a restructuring agent for the corneal membrane, I had a very bad time the first time. night, it was a fatal anxiety, I wanted to tear my eyes out, bless God, I’m fine now, I still can’t see very well on the left side, but the right is almost completely recovered, I thank you all for your messages, already I’m very well, ready for what’s next, off-road,” concluded Ivonne.

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