Jaime Lozano reiterates that his greatest reference in the Tricolor is Memo Ochoa – La Opinión

Jaime Lozano reiterates that his greatest reference in the Tricolor is Memo Ochoa – La Opinión

The technical director of the Mexican National Team, Jaime Lozano, is very clear, The current goalkeeper of Salernitana of the Italian Calcio, Guillermo Ochoa, continues as their main reference in the upcoming competitions for the Tricolor and why not, for the 2026 World Cup.

The above emerges from the talk that the national strategist had with the program “Mexicanos por el Mundo” that is broadcast on the YouTube digital platform and where Jaime Lozano established that: “I think there is no one like Guillermo Ochoa to continue maintaining that leadership that has characterized him in the last 20 years and that has allowed him to remain the highest reference of the National Team,” said Lozano.

The technical director of the so-called “Tricolor” stated that: “I still had to share the field with Ochoa in the national team when La Volpe I called him for the games and from there you always saw that mettle, that calmness, the character of a competitor, of a leader. So if he had all that at 19 years old, can you imagine now 20 years later,” highlighted the national coach.

And he added that: “Memo beyond the fact that he is the captain, he is someone that we would like to have for a long time to come in the national team.”but I don’t want to get ahead of myself, the truth is that if he continues in a First Division in Italy it is because he can continue competing at the highest level,” he said.

Lozano made this analysis when making a summary of the things and notes he obtained from the tour of Europe. which he carried out with his coaching staff and several members of the National Teams Commission, with the purpose of talking closely with the players who play in Europe and who are considered in his preliminary list of 60 players that he will consider for the Nations League duel. against Panama and for the Copa América games that will take place next June.

“I think that Ochoa continues to be the greatest reference in the national team, he is an example of professionalism, of character, of what it should be like to represent your national team and he always has been, because he has always competed where he stops,” explained the national strategist.

He also highlighted that: “I don’t know what can happen in another six months or a year and a half, it seems to me that all those attributes can continue to help him to be competing at the highest level,” he said.

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Guillermo Ochoa is Jaime Lozano’s maximum support in the Tricolor and the national strategist knows it. Photo: Rafael Vadillo/Imago7.

It won’t be easy to beat Panama and the United States in the Nations League

Finally, Jaime Lozano explained with respect to the two duels he has in store in the Nations League against Panama and in case of defeating the Canalero team against the United States in the grand final that: “Nothing is easy, in these instances of the Nations League the We are four teams, I think Panama is the one that has had a lot of growth, they are very competitive. After the Gold Cup they have had many games and they will arrive with the hope of being able to play in a great final,” he said.

And he highlighted that: “I think that Panama is the one that plays the best, the one that gets the most collective performance, I am not thinking about the United States or Jamaica, but about Panama, especially because of its growth. It is true that the United States continues to grow, they have many players in Europe and obviously they will continue to grow, so they are all complicated,” he concluded.

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