Jamie Lynn Spears’ book receives a wave of bad reviews within hours of its release

Jamie Lynn Spears.

Jamie Lynn Spears.

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This Tuesday, the controversial memoir of the actress was released for sale Jamie Lynn Spears and from the first hours of its publication this He already faces harsh criticism from the public for allegedly 鈥渢aking advantage鈥 of the ordeal that his sister experienced for your convenience.

The media dispute that the Spears sisters have been facing for several weeks is far from over, because on the eve of the launch of the book by the 鈥淶oey 101鈥 actress, Criticism of his position continues about the mentorship Britney lived under for more than a decade.

Jamie Lynn鈥檚 controversial book is entitled 鈥淭hings I Should Have Said鈥, and since she went to the Good Morning America program to promote it, she announced that one of the themes it includes is his relationship with the princess of pop.

And boy did he do it! According to the first readers of the book, the younger sister of Britney Spears not only talks about the brotherly relationship that both maintained, but also recounts the alleged 鈥渁ttacks鈥 against him, including one involving a knife with which he would have intended to hurt her.

However, the singer鈥檚 fans are not at all happy with what is written in Jamie Lynn Spears鈥 memoirs, and they have not hesitated to let her know. On the Good Reads reading platform, book reviews have not exceeded 2 stars, while negative opinions reign in the comments section.

鈥淛amie Lynn is so mean. This book only exists to capitalize on Britney鈥檚 trauma. Do not buy it鈥, writes a user. 鈥淎 book of lies written by a talentless leech desperately trying not to be seen for the monster she really is鈥, adds another person.

Although the attacks on the writer have only increased, Jamie Lynn has not commented on the matter and has preferred to keep a low profile.

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