Javier Aguirre affirms that he still has not discussed his renewal with the president of Mallorca – La Opinión

Javier Aguirre affirms that he still has not discussed his renewal with the president of Mallorca – La Opinión

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Javier Aguirre can achieve permanence this week with Mallorca and he still hasn’t discussed the renewal with the president of the club.

Aguirre revealed that he has spoken with the president, but not about the renewal for the team’s penultimate day.

“We talk about team things, specific to the games in a cordial, fluid way, with transparency. I have now been (on the Balearic bench) for more than 80 games. It is usual and common for Andy (Kohlberg, club president) to come and talk to me,” said the Mallorcan coach.

This Sunday, Mallorca will have the opportunity to ensure they remain at home. Vasco Aguirre’s team will face Almería and with a victory they would stay in the first division.

“We are very focused. This is the third final we have played after the games against Las Palmas and Osasuna. We do not depend on anyone to achieve our goal and we are four points ahead,” he added.

“You never imagine that you will not be saved in these instances (of the championship). Due to various circumstances, the team has not been able to arrive with its homework done. But tomorrow we play at home and we will have our fans who will push us so that the evening is round with a victory and permanence. Hopefully,” he emphasized.

Javier Aguirre highlights the danger of Almería

‘Vasco’ warned that Almería “is a rival with a goal that must be respected.”

“They play without pressure and that makes them doubly dangerous. They are going to demand us, they are going to hug us. It will be a tense match that will force you to be focused. We cannot afford distractions. They have very good players, all with goals and a vast squad. They lost with Barcelona, ​​but they created many chances,” he said.

The Mexican coach dismissed any rumors about a settlement in Sevilla’s defeat against Cádiz.

“It is difficult to give an opinion about the rivals’ games. From the outside you can speculate with a lot of nonsense. I firmly believe, absolutely, in the values ​​of the League, in Sevilla, in its president (José María del Nido), in its coach (Quique Sánchez Flores), the players, absolutely. “I put my hands on the fire,” he stated.

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