Javier Aguirre gives clues about his future: “Teams outside of Spain have called me” – La Opinion

Javier Aguirre gives clues about his future: “Teams outside of Spain have called me” – La Opinion

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Javier Aguirre will have his last game as coach of Mallorca this Sunday. The Mexican coach has revealed that he has some offers outside of Spain to continue as a coach.

“I don’t know if (in Getafe) it will be my last game. The energy is fading. Teams outside of Spain have called me and I am in doubt. I started in 1996 and I never imagined that 28 years later I would be here,” he noted.

Vasco Aguirre assured that he wants to finish his cycle in Mallorca in the best way, “like a professional.”

“In Getafe we ​​have to finish the season well, finish the cycle well. We don’t have to play a game in which everything doesn’t matter to us. No. You have to be professional until the last moment, comply with the contract. And with the commitment that this human group has, they will surely show their face tomorrow,” she emphasized.

The Mexican coach responded to what his opinion was after not having a renewal offer with the Mallorcan club after two seasons and having secured permanence.

“I understand and respect it, maybe there were things that the club didn’t like.”. I realized something smelled bad when names began to appear (of coaches candidates to replace him). And that had not happened last season.”

Vasco Aguirre gives his best and worst game as coach of Mallorca

The technical director of Mallorca revealed what was the best and worst game during his management as coach of the club in the last two years.

“The worst, without a doubt, was the 2-6 against Granada (which placed the team on the brink of relegation as soon as he took charge of the team). And the best, the night of San Sebastián (andl Mallorca was proclaimed finalist of the Copa del Rey by eliminating Real Sociedad in the penalty shootout)”, Javier Aguirre remarked.

In addition, he stated that the new coach I arrived will find a family of players.

“I am a football person,” he added, “but whoever comes will find a family here. There have been 96 games here and the word that best defines it is ‘honey’. We have formed a nice group and, perhaps, with three or four little things We could have a good season next year. Don’t know”.

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