Jennifer Lopez’s bodyguard who steals hearts on social networks – El Diario NY

Jennifer Lopez’s bodyguard who steals hearts on social networks – El Diario NY


Singer Jennifer Lopez She is on a promotional tour for her new film for Netflix, “Atlas”, which led her to visit Mexico City a few days ago, where she participated in a premiere that included a red carpet with the rest of the cast. However, there was a situation that caught her attention during her time in Aztec lands: his bodyguard.

At a time when she is facing divorce rumors with her husband Ben Affleck, the “Diva of the Bronx” is once again the center of attention with her most recent film project. However, on this occasion, the cameras of the fans present changed the focus from her to whoever was guarding her. The young woman, who diligently carried out her work, did not go unnoticed and quickly became the topic of conversation by stealing thousands of hearts.

TikToker Aileen Ruiz was one of the first to notice the bodyguard’s presence and shared the video that quickly went viral after getting almost four million views.

In the images, Jennifer López is seen giving an interview while her bodyguard remains alert, a few steps away from the actress. “Yes, yes, very pretty JLO. But her bodyguard?“Ruiz wrote in the description of the video and reflected the sentiment of many other social media users.

Who is Jennifer Lopez’s bodyguard?

According to some social media users, Jennifer López’s bodyguard was identified as Oh Abraham. According to the information available on her Instagram account, the young woman is a model and skater from Israel who currently resides in Mexico.

At the moment, his connection as a bodyguard is unknown and there has been no official confirmation from him regarding his identity. However, many users are convinced that it is the same person.

Some Internet users even compared her to the actress Gal Gadotwho is also originally from Israel, for her impressive presence and skills.

Through social networks, the young woman reflects her passion for skating and modeling and likes to share content related to this, but she has not yet published anything about her commitment to security, which could explain her role as a bodyguard for one of the most famous celebrities in the world.

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